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Carthage’s Modern Languages Department uses an online placement test in French, German, and Spanish to determine the appropriate course placement for each student.

This online multiple-choice test can be taken at home before students register for their first semester, and typically takes between 20-25 minutes. (See information below for other languages.)

Placement Test Information and Guidelines

This is a computer adaptive test, which means that questions are drawn from a large bank of questions, so you will not get the same questions as other test-takers. The system is able to use your right and wrong answers to gauge your level and provide you with questions from the question bank that are at your level. So if a question seems too difficult or too easy, keep doing the best you can as the system determines the correct level of questions for you.

Please note: This test is offered for placement into the correct language course only. It cannot be used for students to “test out” of the College’s Modern Language requirement.*

  • There is no charge for this test.
  • Students should take the test only once. Only the first recorded score will be used for student placement.
  • No books, notes, or any other materials or resources (including help from other people) are allowed during the test. This test is used to place students in the course that will best fit their needs. Those who “cheat” by receiving outside help or by using restricted materials will likely be placed in a course that is too difficult for their current ability level.


  • On a laptop or tablet using either Firefox or Chrome browsers, go to the website with the URL you were given. This site is not optimized for use on cell phones, and users on other browsers will be asked to switch to Firefox or Chrome.
  • Create an account as directed:
    • Enter your first and last names.
    • Enter your email address.
    • Enter your Carthage ID in the “Student ID” box.
    • Make up a password (eight characters or more) and remember your password. You will be asked to confirm it here and will need it again in the next step.
    • Click the checkbox to agree to the privacy policy.
    • Click the “Create Account” button.
  • When prompted, log in to your newly-created account with your email address and the password you just created.
  • Choose the language for which you want to take the placement test. (You will need to get back to this page later and take another test for another language if you need to.)
  • You will be asked to take a pre-test survey.
  • Next, you will begin the placement test.
  • When you complete the test and receive the message “Congratulations, you’re done,” click the “See Score Report” button to find out where you placed in the Carthage program.

If you need to take an online test in another language, you can click on the “Go back” button on your score report to go back to the page that will allow you to pick the second language placement test. You can only take each test once.

Reporting Placement Test Scores

The placement test system informs students of their scores and placement levels immediately (for informational purposes). You may record or save this information if you wish, but scores are also reported to Carthage and are entered into each student’s official record so that students can register for the correct language course.


Japanese language placement testing is not currently offered through Carthage’s online placement test. If you have taken this language and feel that you should be placed higher than the 1010 level, please contact the Modern Languages Department’s Placement Coordinator by email at

NOTE: Heritage speakers of French, German, and Spanish (those who speak one of these languages at home) and those whose scores are very high are encouraged to contact the Modern Languages Department’s Placement Coordinator by email at to discuss their placement.

*The online language placement test cannot be used to test out of Carthage’s modern language requirement. Students who place at the 2010 level or above and do not plan to take a language course at Carthage will need to confirm their placement level on campus during their first semester by contacting the Modern Languages Department’s Placement Coordinator.