Prior to arriving on campus in the fall and participating in New Student Orientation, you are required to complete an undergraduate online check-in through My.Carthage.

My.Carthage is the official online portal at Carthage, where students go to access their course schedules, register for classes, and review their finances. At this time, your My.Carthage account will only display the instructions for the online check-in process.

Login Information: Your Username and Password

To access the portal, go to and enter your Carthage username and password.

  • Your username will be the first part of your Carthage email address, which is provided once you attend a new student registration. When logging into be sure to skip the in your username.
  • Your temporary password will be the first initial of your first and last name, followed by your student ID number, followed by Carthage. For example: ab1234567Carthage
  • If you have already accessed your Carthage email, your password for the My.Carthage portal will be your Carthage email password.
  • If you do not know your Carthage email address or are having trouble logging in, please contact your admissions representative in the Office of Admissions at or 800-351-4058.


Required Steps

Once you have successfully logged in to the My.Carthage portal, you can access the Check-In tab, which includes the six different check-in sections you must complete:

  1. Student Accounts
  2. Financial Aid
  3. Medical Information
  4. Registrar
  5. Student Affairs
  6. Parking Permit.

As you complete each section, the portal will indicate your progress. If you need to make any changes after you finalize a section, please contact the Office of Admissions at 800-351-4058.

You must complete all six sections by Monday, Aug. 1.

Once you have satisfied all of the requirements, a certificate of completion will appear on your screen. Please print/save your certificate of completion and bring it with you when you arrive on campus in the fall.