Become a Carthage Alumni Ambassador, a new program for Carthaginians to engage with alumni and students.

Raise your hand. Get involved. Make a difference!

Volunteering for Carthage is a great way to connect with other Carthaginians, as well as future Carthaginians. There is a place for you in the family of Carthage volunteers.

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There are three ways to join …

Alumni mingle at Homecoming.


A fee waiver card

1. Become a Carthage Alumni Admissions Ambassador

As the Carthage Office of Admissions continues to focus on recruiting the best students, you can support their efforts by reaching out to prospective students and families during the admissions process. As an Alumni Admissions volunteer, activities might include (in-person and virtual opportunities are available):

  • Attending college fairs
  • Hosting a reception
  • Interviewing for scholarships
  • Having a phone or email conversation with prospective students
  • Getting your own personalized Application Fee Waiver Cards to share with prospective students. We will send you 50 business-size cards with your name and an application fee waiver code. Share with any high school student who would benefit from a Carthage education, allowing them to apply to Carthage for free!

Become an Alumni Admissions Ambassador

Alumni Ambassadors can volunteer to speak to students and other members of the Carthage community...

2. Join the Carthage Alumni Presenters Bureau

Do you have expertise in your field, special industry knowledge, and are an experienced presenter? Want to share your knowledge with Carthage students in the classroom or with alumni at networking events? If you qualify, you could be part of a database of preferred Carthage presenters available for faculty and program directors to invite as speakers in the classroom or at an event.

Apply for the Alumni Presenters Bureau

Alumni have many opportunities to connect with current Carthage students, including mentorship op...

3. Become a Carthage Aspire Mentor

The Aspire Network is an easy-to-use online network for Carthage alumni, students, faculty, and staff. Connect with other Carthaginians for networking, mentorship, and professional development opportunities.

Sign up to be an Aspire Mentor


Join today and tell us how we can match your gifts and talents with your passion for having a lasting impact on the Carthage community!

Everyone who joins will receive a decal that shows everyone you are a Carthage Alumni Ambassador.