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H. F. Johnson Gallery of Art

2006-07 Season

April 14-May 19, 2007

Circus Acts: Suspending Disbelief

The allure of the circus extends beyond the dazzling costumes, death-defying trapeze performances, and dancing animals. Underneath the excitement of the spectacle are fleeting glimpses of who, or what, hides behind the masks; of the worn-out, frayed tents, displays and props. If you forget to suspect your disbelief, you may catch a glimpse of the human despair, frailty and even tragedy that can turn that which glitters into a nightmarish vision. The artists in this exhibition express many of these qualities in their works, literally or figuratively.

Featured artists: Glen C. Davies, Elizabeth Ernst, Jean Roberts Guequierre, Michael Noland and Fred Stonehouse.


January 9-February 17, 2007

The Mechanical Muse

Inspired by everyday encounters with machines and our increasingly automated environment, Jim Jenkins and John Stanicek fabricate and distill an unusual repertoire of sculptures, drawings and paintings that search for beauty in form, intelligence and spirit. Wood melds with mechanical metal parts. Clock-like mechanisms drawn with precision and energy suggest moving landscapes traveling with a will of their own. 


February 22-April 7, 2007

Poetic Dialog Project: Poetry — Art — Women

Featured artists: Granite Amit, Kina Bagovska, Nancy Charak, Laura Ann Cloud, Brooke Demos, Kathleen Dugan, Iris Goldstein, Kris Gosh, Carolyne King, Keli LeMoi, Lynette Mohill, Cheri Reif Naselli, Judith Roth, Charlotte Segal, Beth Shadur, Michele Stutts, Mirjana Ugrinov, Kelly Weime, and Amy Zucker.


October 17-December 9, 2006

Through the Lens: Fifty Notable Photographs from the Kenosha News

A photo stops time. By viewing the Kenosha News photo exhibit at Carthage College, you can observe life in our community as it stands still for an instant. The Kenosha News’ four award-winning photographers selected pictures that capture the aura of our area, the personalities of our people.


September 7-October 7, 2006

Thinking Through the Body

Featured artists: Lorraine Peltz, Molly Carter and Lindsay Obermayer.