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H. F. Johnson Gallery of Art

2008-09 Season

Sept. 9-Oct. 18, 2008

June Spiezer: Whatever I’m Looking At — A Post-1960s Collection of Chicago Art

The Spiezer Art Collection is considered the largest, finest, and widest ranging collection of post-1960s Chicago art. Featured will be works that are considered the “jewels” of the collection, many seen only at short-term loans to several prestigious art venues, including The Pompidou Art Center of Paris, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago, and The Pennsylvania Academy of Art. Held in conjunction with the Rockford Art Museum, which houses two thirds of the collection at present, this will be the first Wisconsin showing of this exciting collection. 

View catalog for “Whatever I’m Looking At”

Oct. 23-Nov. 22, 2008

The Crowded Space Below the Giant: Jeff Carl, Taylor Granrath, Rachel Herman, Maria Perkovic, Mark Rospenda, Grant Schexnider, and Faith Veenstra

The Crowded Space Below the Giant is an exhibition bringing together seven emerging artists from the Chicago area whose work utilizes a diverse range of medium and themes. By engaging with the work, the audience is invited to be transformed into both the miniature and the gigantic and to contemplate the issues and narratives that surround these positions with the possibility of seeing their world in a new way.

Dec. 1-13, 2008

A Dr. Seuss Christmas

This special, short-run exhibition, on loan from the Dr. Seuss Foundation, is part of a nationwide tour of more than 40 pieces of Dr. Seuss’ original art, including some never seen sculptural pieces. Planned to coincide with the annual Christmas Festival Weekend at Carthage, there will be a lovely Grinch theme Christmas tree greeting all visitors.

Jan. 6-Feb. 7, 2009

Double Vision: Avalee Gramse and Nathan Gramse

Many artists have emerged from a generational pool of creative individuals, each learning, absorbing and evolving their unique style of work. Nathan Gramse, a senior at Carthage majoring in art studio and art history, has grown up surrounded by many family members including his greatest mentor, Aunt Avalee. Not having shown her work in over 20 years, Avalee will be displaying her paintings for the first time at H.F. Johnson Gallery of Art. Alongside Avalee, Nathan will display a number of his paintings making this exhibition a valuable testimony to the strength of both family ties and the continuum of the artistic drive to create.

Feb. 12-April 4, 2009

Traversing Abstraction: Mary Jane Duffy, Andrew Lloyd Goodman, Chris Jordan, and Steve Sherrell

Abstract art works in various media; painting, mixed media, digital print, and video present a surprising array of approaches to create non-objective imagery. Featuring Mary Jane Duffy and Steve Sherrell from Chicago, Andrew Lloyd Goodman from Baltimore/Vermont and Chris Jordan from Seattle, WA.  Each artist begins from a general source such as “Google Earth,” satellite images, garbage, statistical information about material consumerism and, video of buildings being demolished by a wrecking ball and constructs a seductive, opulent and mysterious image.  

April 14-May 16, 2009


Atmosphere is an exhibition bringing together contemporary ceramic artists inspired by their natural and artificial environments. These artists investigate and manufacture austere and intimate surroundings drawing on landscape, memory and fantasy. Atmosphere, typically light and ephemeral in nature, is explored using clay, traditionally solid and permanent in nature. Drawing on a variety of ceramic forms, sculptural, decorative arts and functional works are all included in the show.