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Division of Arts and Humanities

Exploration of the arts and humanities introduces students to intellectual and aesthetic activity as essential dimensions of the human condition.

Through scholarly inquiry, artistic creation, and community engagement, the Division of Arts and Humanities cultivates a rich artistic and intellectual community that fosters a respect for diversity and encourages lifelong learning. Students learn to engage critical and creative thinking skills as tools for reflection, expression, and engagement.

The Division offers degree programs in Art, Asian Studies, Classics, Communication and Digital Media, English, Great Ideas, History, Modern Languages, Music, Philosophy, Religion, and Theatre; as well as a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies; and a Master of Music in Music Theatre Vocal Pedagogy. General education courses for non-majors provide an introduction to creative and critical inquiry, and include survey courses as well as courses in creative application and short-term education abroad.

Dean of the Division

Corinne Ness
Associate Professor of Music
262-551-5733 | 
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Administrative Assistant

Cynthia Welch 
Lentz 241
262-551-5742 | 
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