How do I register for lessons or classes with the Carthage Arts Academy?
We offer an online registration form that you can complete. If you have questions prior to registration, please contact the Academy at (Dr. Wael Farouk, Carthage Arts Academy Director) or (Katiann Nelson, Carthage Arts Academy assistant).

Who can be a student in the Carthage Arts Academy?
Anyone who is interested in studying music can be a student of the Academy. We accept students from ages 4 through 104. We accept students who are beginners as well as those who have advanced musical skills and experience.

Who are the music teachers at the Academy?
The teachers at the Carthage Arts Academy include accomplished musical artists who are on the music faculty at Carthage College, as well as advanced music majors with specific training in providing musical instruction. Student-teachers have completed pedagogy training, attend training sessions specifically for academy teachers, and work closely under the guidance of our artist-teachers.

Students are matched with teachers based on their skill level and goals to ensure students enjoy their experience and are able to achieve their musical objectives.

When are lessons and classes offered?
Music lessons and classes are offered primarily on Saturdays, with specific times of private lessons determined based on student preference and teacher availability. The academy offers instruction for two 12-week sessions during the fall and spring semesters each year.

Eurhythmics classes are offered at set times each Saturday, based on the student’s age group.

How much do lessons and classes cost?
A 30-minute private music lesson is $20 with a student-teacher, $25 with a graduate student teacher, and $30 with a member of the Carthage music faculty. Eurhythmics classes cost $100 for a 10-week session. Carthage Arts Academy lessons are funded in part by a grant from the Mary Frost Ashley Trust, which enables the Academy to keep lesson fees low for our students. At this time, discounts are not available for multiple lessons or students.

How and when are fees collected?
Fees can be paid by check, made payable to “Carthage College,” when lessons begin.

Can I request a day other than Saturday for lessons?
The Academy is structured primarily around Saturday instruction, but we do offer some private lessons during the week. If you are interested in participating in the Academy but are unavailable on Saturdays, please contact Dr. Wael Farouk, the academy director, at or 262-551-5892 to inquire about teacher availability.

What is eurhythmics?
Eurhythmics is a great way to introduce young children to music, even before they may know which musical instrument they are interested in studying.

Dalcroze eurhythmics is a music teaching method developed by Swiss musician and educator Emile Jaques-Dalcroze. In these classes, students learn concepts of rhythm, structure, and musical expression by playing games that employ physical movement. The games we play in the class require concentration, teamwork, creative thinking, and independence. Eurhythmics is a very unique teaching method that encourages individual students to become confident in front of their peers and helps them learn what it means to work together.

Participating in eurhythmics classes before beginning a musical instrument can give young students a strong musical foundation, enabling them to make stronger progress when they select a particular instrument to study.