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The Aspire Program

For Employers & Community

The Aspire Program uniquely integrates community engagement and employer relations in order to develop reciprocal opportunities and create spaces for innovation. We are committed to progressing the southeast Wisconsin region and beyond.

For Carthage, progress takes the form of educating expansively, integrating regionally, and communicating boldly. Integrating regionally means developing meaningful and long-lasting partnerships that result in experiential learning for our students and enhanced quality of life for those in Kenosha, Racine, and other neighboring communities. 

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Explore New Engagement Opportunities

The Aspire Program is intentional by joining our efforts of community engagement and employer relations. By combining, we are able to build upon the traditional roles employers and community organizations typically have with higher education institutions. Let us work with you to explore new opportunities and achieve shared outcomes. Below provides a spectrum of sample engagement opportunities from employers to community organizations.

Fill out The Aspire Engagement Form if interested in connecting.  


Posting Opportunities

Looking for Interns, Employees, or Volunteers?

The Aspire Center works to connect employers and community organizations to qualified students, graduates and faculty. Learn how Carthage can help fulfill your needs. Be sure to utilize our recruiting platform, Handshake to post all your personnel opportunities. Post on Handshake. Need help? Click Here!


    Internships have evolved with changing industry needs. While there are still summer and semester-long internships, we can assist you in building micro-internships related to specific projects and how to transfer an in-person internship to a virtual experience. Utilize the Internship Guide to learn how to create and maintain an internship program. 

    Carthage College is ready to equip your firm with the talent you need. Check out why Carthage College is the right place to search for your next employee by learning about the caliber of students we produce.

    Carthage College recognizes the responsibility and positive impact we can make in our community. Service is an integral part of living and learning at Carthage. We prepare our students for lives of service, and progression to leadership, by providing opportunities to give of themselves and help others—locally, nationally, and internationally.

Recruiting Opportunities

Connect with students and alumni to build your brand and Future talent

  • Career and internship fairs
  • Post your events and opportunities on Handshake
  • Interviewing coordination and assistance
  • Student organization collaboration
  • Short-Term Project Opportunities
  • Wisconsin Private Colleges Career Consortium (WIPCCC) - supports the development of the career professional at Wisconsin’s independent colleges and universities so that we can better serve our students and employers.
  • Higher Education Regional Alliance (HERA) - HERA is a unified voice and efficient solution to connect businesses with talent and promote the value of living and working in southeastern Wisconsin.

Let us know if you’re interested in any of the above recruiting opportunities through The Aspire Engagement Form

COVID-19 STATUS: We offer several virtual options that employers can utilize to continue recruitment and branding efforts. Please contact us to create virtual opportunities.

Utilize Carthage Expertise

Collaborate and Design Opportunities 

The Aspire Program can work with you to create distinctive, collaborative experiences with students, alumni and faculty. We believe in the value of experiential learning in order for students to apply their coursework and expertise to the community. We want to build long-term, sustainable partnerships that meet the needs of our students, your organization, and our community. Some examples of these experiences include:

  • Community-Based Research: The learning that takes place in the classroom doesn’t stay confined to campus or the classroom. Carthage faculty and students have utilized course projects, independent research projects, and senior theses to improve quality of life for those in Kenosha, Racine, and beyond.
  • Grant and Partner Sustained Initiatives: Carthage College vigorously pursues grants, gifts, and other forms of funding to address the needs of the community in collaboration with local, regional, and national organizations. These partnerships are forged from a common mission based on the directive of the organization and expertise of the faculty. Click on the hyperlink for a recent example of how Carthage College engages in grant sustained initiatives.

See examples of projects and recent initiatives:

Submit your interests through The Aspire Engagement Form.