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Business Office

For Students

There are many job opportunities on campus for full-time Carthage students.

Students may work on campus a maximum of 20 hours per week while classes are in session, and 40 hours per week during breaks, J-Term, and summer. Find a job on campus.

Upon accepting your position, you must complete the following before you begin to work:


Complete a Work Authorization  and I-9 Form.

You and your supervisor will need to complete a Work Authorization Form. This form is available to supervisors on under the “Employees” tab, and in the Office of Financial Planning, located on the fourth floor of Lentz Hall. Attached to this form is the Employment Eligibility Verification form or I-9 form. This form, along with the required documentation(see page 3 of the form), must be submitted with your employee contract before you are able to begin working. The completed forms should be submitted to the Office of Financial Planning.

Complete Employment tax paperwork.

If this is your first time working on campus, you will need to complete Employment Tax Forms, this includes State tax, Federal tax, and direct deposit enrollment forms. Please email for the appropriate forms and bring your completed forms with two forms of Identifications.

Once the above paperwork has been submitted, an “Employee” tab will be added to your portal. Log into and click on “Employee” for access to your timecard. During the academic year, students are paid on the first working day of each month. During the summer, students are paid every other Friday. Please see your supervisor with any questions.