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  • Carthage faculty, staff and Carthage recognized student organizations may reserve rooms for events and meetings. No rooms may be reserved for the use of a singular person.

  • The regular academic course schedule takes precedence over event and meeting requests. Class meetings taking place outside of their regularly scheduled room will be treated as events, and will not take precedence.

  • Requests for classrooms should be submitted 24 hours prior to the meeting or event.

  • Requests for Todd Wehr Center conference room space, or for events that require a large set-up, should be submitted 72 hours prior to the event.

  • Carthage reserves the rights to limit the use of the various specialized rooms and classrooms across campus. Specialized rooms include any room that is specially and specifically designed for a particular function, holds specialized equipment, or stores hazardous chemicals. Please contact the Campus Reservationist at (262) 551-5752 for information on how to obtain permissions to reserve any rooms that falls into those categories. Other rooms that require special permissions to reserve include:

  • Todd Wehr Center, President’s Dining Room
  • Lentz Hall, President’s Seminar Room
  • Hedberg Library 138, Hedberg Conference Room
  • Hedberg Library 147, Staubitz Archives
  • A. W. Clausen Center 207, Troha Boardroom
  • Wartburg Auditorium
  • H.F. Johnson Art Gallery
  • H.F. Johnson Art Gallery B
  • Johnson Fine Arts Center 340, Recital Hall
  • Walter Fritsch Meditation Chapel
  • Joan C. Potente Chapel
  • Reservations may be cancelled or relocated for Presidential events.

  • Reservations for space beyond the academic year will be dependent on the Conference schedule.

  • Public spaces on campus may not be reserved; they may be used for events that are open to the entire Carthage Community by submitting a request to the Todd Wehr Center scheduling office. Public spaces include lobbies, eating areas, and any other areas intended to be used by the general Carthage community.


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