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Carthage Policy on Use of College-Owned Motor Vehicles

  • College-owned vehicles are provided for official College business only.

  • Reservations for use of College vehicles may be made here. Reservations for vehicles are on a first-come, first-served basis. Only faculty and staff of the College with an authorized driver designation can make reservations. Reservations will not be accepted from students. The individual who makes the reservation will be considered the responsible party for the vehicle use.

  • When using College-owned vehicles, a faculty or staff member must be present in the vehicle, or in the case of multi-vehicle caravan, a faculty or staff member must be a driver or passenger in one of the College-owned vehicles traveling together. Exceptions to this policy must be authorized by the Associate Vice President of Campus Operations.

  • Only individuals who have achieved “authorized driver” status may operate College-owned vehicles. This includes any owned, leased, rented, or loaned vehicle used for Carthage business. Campus Operations will maintain a file of authorized drivers. Students who are listed as authorized drivers may operate College-owned vehicles but are not exempt from any additional use policies. This includes the requirement of a supervising faculty or staff member to be present while the vehicle is used.

  • While using College-owned vehicles, authorized drivers must obey all state and local regulations for motor vehicle use. The employee who made the vehicle reservation is responsible to report all citations, including parking citations, issued to any driver or the vehicle with 48 hours of the incident. The budgetary department of the user may be held responsible for any costs relating to a citation.

  • All accidents involving College-owned vehicles must be reported to Campus Operations within 24 hours of the incident. Any accidents involving injuries must be reported immediately. If Campus Operations personnel are not available, the accident report must be reported to the Office of Public Safety. The College maintains appropriate insurance on its vehicles while they are used for official business and are driven by an authorized driver in concurrence with these polices. Each College-owned vehicle is equipped with an insurance card and an informational packet on “What to do in case of an accident.”

  • Vehicle users should conduct a walk-around inspection of any vehicle prior to driving. Please note any vehicle deficiency on the trip ticket. Unless otherwise informed at the time of vehicle checkout, it is assumed that all College-owned vehicles are free of any dents and other vehicle body damage. Any returned vehicle found damaged will initiate a review.

  • Vehicles are expected to be returned reasonably clean and ready for the next user. Service fees may be assigned for vehicles returned in an unsatisfactory condition or not returned to the assigned fleet vehicle parking area.

  • All drivers and passengers must wear properly fastened seat belts while traveling in College-owned vehicles. Before moving out of the “Park” position, the driver should check that all passengers are wearing seat belts.

  • Drivers may not use cell phones, tablets, or other mobile devices when the vehicle is in motion unless the phone or device is accessed via hands-free Bluetooth. For navigation devises, please program the destination before leaving the “Park” position.

  • Carthage has a zero-tolerance policy for the transportation or use of alcohol or recreational drugs by drivers and passengers in any College-owned vehicle.

  • K-12 students may not be transported in a Carthage fleet vehicle without gaining the express permission of Campus Operations to do so. Please be aware that state law places restrictions on the transport of K-12 when not in a regular school bus.

  • The use of Carthage fleet vehicles to provide shuttle service to any off-campus event during which alcohol beverages may be served is prohibited.

  • Carthage only maintains a van fleet of 12-person vans. These vehicles may not transport more than 12 individuals including the driver.

  • The use of trailers or installing towing devices of any kind on a College vehicle is prohibited.

  • Please stow items securely so they do not become dislodged during travel and do not block the vision of the driver.

  • Please be careful when entering or exiting a fleet vehicle so as not to place yourself in danger from oncoming traffic.

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Revised January 2020