Stories of Impact

  • ‘Carthage is home’

    Jennifer Skarda ’15 graduated in May with a degree in graphic design, and was accepted into the prestigious Master of Art program at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

  • ‘It’s meant everything’

    After he graduates Marcelo Hernandez ’18 will become a great high school mathematics teacher. How? Because of a full-tuition scholarship to Carthage.

  • ‘We transform students’

    Carthage’s research experiences give students the best possible chance of success in competing for, and thriving in, a career or graduate school position, says Carthage Physics Professor Kevin Crosby.

  • “As a recent graduate, I know how much being at Carthage meant to me. Now that I’m gone, I almost feel like I’m a little homesick.”

    Jennifer Skarda ’15

    A recipient of Carthage’s full-tuition Fall Transfer Scholarship, Jenny came to Carthage her sophomore year. “Coming in as a transfer student, I really got to see how much Carthage does for its students. I fell in love with Carthage my first week here.”
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  • “When you give to Carthage, you’re not just making a difference in a student’s life. You’re making a difference in the lives of all the people they will impact as well.”

    Marcelo Hernandez ’18

    “The amount I got in scholarships is actually more than my parents made last year,” says mathematics major Marcelo. “When you receive a gift like that, you’re speechless. And then you want to make it up to people. I’m now going to become a teacher, and I’m going to impact hundreds of other students.”
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  • “We are deliberate about the intent and the structure of our student research experiences. It is this: To give our students wings.”

    Prof. Kevin Crosby

    “I know and believe in the transformative power a liberal arts education has in guiding young people into their own aspirations,” Prof. Crosby says. “I have the singular privilege of watching and occasionally helping to guide our students as they become powerful, confident, and self-aware in the short span of four years.”
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  • Your Gift Makes a Difference

    90 percent of Carthage students receive financial aid
    91 percent of faculty hold terminal degree in their field
    40 percent increase in science center square footage
    J-Term Travel
    Varsity Sports
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