Campaign Honor Roll

Over the course of the Campaign for Carthage, many communities of donors came together to achieve the milestone success of the largest campaign that the College has ever engaged. 

Listed below are the names of all who made a contribution of any kind to Carthage during the Campaign for Carthage. From alumni and community partners to parents and students, many constituencies supported the campaign with broad and deep support.

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We have grown as a philanthropic community

Carthage has a long history of philanthropic support, as evidenced by the growth in number of donors who became members of the Enduring Gift Society, which recognizes those who have committed $100,000 or more to the College over the course of their lifetime. In the course of the Campaign for Carthage, we added 31 entities to the honor roll of donors for the Enduring Gift Society, bringing the total number of donor households and community partners giving at this level to 259.
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During the campaign, donors contributed at least $25,000 each to create 24 named endowed scholarships that will provide financial aid for generations of Carthaginians to come.
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We have achieved great momentum in leadership giving over the course of the Campaign. Those who made annual contributions of any kind at leadership levels to Carthage also increased over the course of the campaign. Individual households contributing $1,000 or more in at least one year during the campaign numbered 544. Of these, 166 crossed the $5,000 threshold for at least one year.

At the close of the 2017 fiscal year, donors contributing at the leadership level numbered 283 — a 38 percent increase over the year prior to the campaign launch. Donors contributing $5,000 in fiscal 2017 totaled 88, a 76 percent increase over the year prior to the campaign launch.

Thank you to all who contributed to the success of the Campaign for Carthage.

Know that your giving has made a difference
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