Fundraising Priorities

Carthage College is fortunate to attract a diverse population of talented, self-driven women. But, if we are to sincerely celebrate this historic occasion, we must redouble our commitment to them. Specifically, the 150 Years of Carthage Women initiative seeks to raise funds over three years for the following priorities:

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New Estate Gifts from Women

As Carthage celebrates all that women have contributed to the College, we seek to offer opportunities for some of those women to extend their Carthage ties beyond their life spans. Planned gifts through estate commitments, beneficiary designations, annuities, and other vehicles help ensure the strength and quality of our work for generations to come. Women who make this philanthropic commitment to Carthage are invited to join the Denhart Society. The Society now includes over 500 members whose combined estate expectancies total over $50 million.

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Financial Aid for Women

Carthage awards more than $60 million in scholarships and financial aid to students every academic year. Financial aid helps us continue to attract students of unusual merit and enable those whose personal circumstances may prevent them from enrolling at Carthage to do so. Donors may choose to give an annual scholarship, start their own endowed scholarship with a gift or pledge of $25,000 or higher, or contribute to an existing fund. Gifts may be made in honor of a woman (women), to benefit women, or both.

The following are suggestions for scholarship designations:

  • Women with financial need
  • First-generation female students (students who are first in their families to attend college)
  • Women returning to college to complete or enhance their education
  • Women with multicultural heritages
  • Students pursuing a minor or major in Women and Gender Studies

Annual Scholarships

Non-endowed named scholarships can be established with an annual gift of either $1,000 or $2,500 each year for four years. Scholarships may be named for a woman or the award criteria may be designated in support of women. Annual scholarships provide direct funding for one student and are renewable from year to year for four years.

Endowed Scholarships

An endowment gift is a permanent and personal way to make a difference in the lives of Carthage students. These funds exist in perpetuity and reflect a commitment to the future success of Carthage. By establishing an endowment, the donor ensures that his or her values and legacy become a permanent part of the College’s success. Any gift to an existing endowed scholarship that was established in honor of a woman or to benefit women will be counted toward our fundraising goals.

View a list of scholarships inspired by this celebration

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Professional Development Opportunities for Women

In addition to providing financial aid for women through scholarships, the College seeks to raise funds to provide opportunities for female students in the areas of internships, study away (J-Term), leadership development, and entrepreneurship. Donors may choose to give an annual gift (suggested minimum $1,000 per year for a commitment of 3 years), establish their own endowed fund (starting at $50,000), or contribute to The Aspire Fund. Gifts may be made in honor of a woman (women), to benefit women, or both.

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Women’s Athletics

According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, women who participate in sports have increased self-confidence and are more outgoing. These are women who may never have experienced these benefits if not for their experience on the court or field. Gifts in support of women’s athletics on campus help Carthage deliver the very best experience for our women athletes.  

Discretionary Fund in Support of Women’s Athletic Programming

The Carthage Athletics Fund allows the President of the College and the Director of Athletics to use these resources for the greatest need in support of our women’s athletics teams. Become a member of the team behind the teams at Carthage.

Women’s Athletic Teams

Gifts to individual women’s intercollegiate athletic teams, both annual gifts and gifts to endowments, will also be counted toward our fundraising goals.

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