Endowed Scholarships


An endowed scholarship is a permanent and personal way to make a difference in the lives of Carthage students. These funds exist in perpetuity and provide support for current and future generations of students.


While many endowments are established by one or two primary philanthropic donors, some are created through the collaboration of a larger group giving what they can in order to establish a lasting gift.


Below is a list of scholarships inspired by the 150 Years of Carthage Women Celebration. If you would like to strengthen any of the below scholarships by adding your own contribution, please include the scholarship name on your check or in the designation field when you make your gift online. If you have any questions, please contact Staci Carson at or 262-551-5703.


Irma (Niekamp) Anderson ’48 Endowed Scholarship

Benefactors: Albert Van Maren ’65

Description: In honor of the 150 Years of Carthage Women celebration, Albert Van Maren ’65 seeks to recognize and preserve the longstanding impact Irma (Niekamp) Anderson ’48 and the late Alan Anderson ’50 have had on Carthage and the students who have passed through its doors.

Following graduation from Cathage in 1948 with a Bachelor of Science in home economics, Mrs. Anderson worked as a hospital dietitian and taught high school home economics. In recognition of her commitment to the College, Mrs. Anderson received the 1999 Distinguished Alumni Service Award.

For over 75 years, she has continued to cherish and support her dear alma mater and frequents many campus events. She, along with her longtime friends, the late Beverly Keller ’61 and the late Ruth Johnson ’84, have proudly attended the ground breaking of every building project since the College move to Kenosha. Mrs. Anderson recently aptly named one of the kitchens in the Tower residence hall and has enjoyed baking cookies for the residents there.

Her late husband, Alan Anderson, was the 20th President of Carthage College and had served his alma mater for over 35 years with Irma always by his side; together they traveled throughout the United States recruiting students and visiting Carthage alumni.

Nineteen members of the Anderson extended family are all Carthage graduates.

Award Criteria: Funds made available through this endowed fund shall be awarded annually with the following criteria:


Kayla and Thomas Baran Endowed Scholarship

Benefactors: Steven and Kristin Tripp and Kayla (Tripp) ’13 and Thomas Baran ’12

Description: Carthage College parents, Steven and Kristin Tripp, created the Kayla and Thomas Baran Endowed Scholarship in honor of their daughter and son-in-law, Kayla ’13 and Thomas ’12 Baran to commemorate the education they received and the bonds they formed while at Carthage College. Additionally, Steve and Kristin create this scholarship as part of a tradition of philanthropy started by earlier generations of their family and thus continue a legacy to which future generations can contribute.

Tom Baran majored in chemistry and was on the track and cross-country team. Kayla (Tripp) Baran majored in biology with a chemistry minor and was a member of the soccer team and the biology honors society, Beta Beta Beta.

Award Criteria: The Donors have established this fund to provide support for students in unpaid or low-paid internships with a primary preference for students majoring in science. Internship awards will be determined through the Aspire Center (Career Center) in collaboration with the office of financial aid. In the event internship funds are not needed, the donors wish these funds to provide tuition relief/scholarship aid for students majoring in science and administered through the office of financial aid.


Elizabeth K. Brown Endowed Scholarship

Benefactors: Lucy Brown and Sarah Brown Russ and Amy Brown Tuchler and Elizabeth K. Brown

Description: Elizabeth “Betsy” Brown believes there is no greater tool of empowerment than education, and for the last 50 years, she has dedicated both her time and resources to organizations that share that belief, including Carthage College. Mrs. Brown has been a champion of Kenosha public libraries, improving the library experience for the whole family and increasing accessibility. She also supports the work of the Wisconsin Historical Society, and in her 80’s continues to volunteer her time a few hours a week at the Kenosha History Center. Additionally, Mrs. Brown gives to multiple schools and universities because she knows that there is no better economic equalizer than education.

With this scholarship, Mrs. Brown’s three daughters, Lucy, Sarah, and Amy, would like to honor their mother by continuing to support the causes she found most important. This scholarship will support a deserving Carthage student dedicated to making a positive change in their community.

Inspired by her lifetime of service and philanthropy, Carthage College will award Mrs. Brown an Honorary Degree in 2020. This scholarship in her name is further testament to good works of Mrs. Elizabeth K. Brown, and the College couldn’t be more honored to receive this gift.

Award Criteria: Carthage rising junior or senior majoring in social work or related field with the intention of improving the lives of society’s less fortunate. Preference for female student with demonstrated financial need and a minimum GPA of 3.0.


Carthage Women with Purpose and Passion Endowed Scholarship

Benefactor: Anonymous 

Description: In recognition of the 150 Years of Carthage Women celebration, Mary Bishop, Trustee, establishes an endowed scholarship to encourage female students at Carthage to pursue their dreams with purpose and passion. Through this scholarship, Ms. Bishop wishes to acknowledge and celebrate the long history of successful women of Carthage, and to honor their role as fore bearers and trailblazers. Ms. Bishop intends for this fund to preserve this legacy into the future, so that Carthage may continue to be a place for talented and driven women to develop their ideas and become the change makers of tomorrow.

Award Criteria: First-year female student who has a unique passion or standout achievement as identified through the admissions process with demonstrated financial need.


The Patricia L. Christman Nursing Scholarship Fund

Benefactors: Richard and Patricia Christman

Description: Through this scholarship fund, Patricia and Richard Christman seek to help educate a new generation of nurses who will deliver outstanding care to their patients, as Patricia did during her career as a nurse. It is the goal of the donors that the scholarship recipient(s) demonstrate adaptability in the nursing profession, a trait that was valuable to Patricia throughout her career.
Patricia started her career in health care at age 15 working as a nurse’s aide in a personal care home in her home town of Brandon, Manitoba Canada, to save money for her nursing studies, which started when she was 17. She received her RN two years later than then graduated with a BN at age 21. She worked in many disciplines including rehab, gyno, obstetrics, labor delivery and neonatal nursery — all while bringing six children into the world. At age 32, she moved to a small rural hospital with acute care, personal care, and an emergency room, and where she served as the hospital administrator and chief nurse. Seven years later, she moved to the U.S.

The Christmans are proud parents of eight children, two of which are Carthage graduates (Anthony ’14 and Steven ’17), and they are grateful for the transformational education their sons received. Richard has served as a Trustee of the College since 1993, and the Christmans have given generously to many priorities of the College, including the Carthage Fund, leadership development, the Science Center, the Tower, and other capital projects. This scholarship was created in honor of the 150 Years of Carthage Women celebration.

Award Criteria: To a freshman at the conclusion of their freshman year, who will retain the scholarship for three years or the duration of their study of nursing at Carthage College, providing the recipient continues to exhibit the qualities described below. To a student who demonstrates those qualities required to be an outstanding nurse, such as: dedication to nursing, compassion, capability, adaptability, and reliability.  To a student with demonstrated financial need as determined by the financial aid office. The selection of the scholarship recipient will be conducted by the director of the nursing program, who will also re-evaluate the recipient each year to ensure they continue to meet the established criteria.


The Dr. Ruth A. Fangmeier Endowed Scholarship 

Benefactors: Tim and Rae Fangmeier

Description: This scholarship is named in honor and memory of Dr. Ruth Fangmeier, Professor Emerita of Social Work, at Carthage. Dr. Fangmeier researched and taught at numerous colleges. She first taught at Concordia College in Portland Oregon where she started the Social Work program. She also taught at colleges in New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C.; however, her last position spanned 20 years with Carthage College where she developed many relationships with colleagues, staff and especially her students. She will be remembered for her deep-seated devotion to teaching, her kindness and compassion toward others, her creativity, and her quick wit. Dr. Fangmeier passed away on April 24, 2018.

This fund was made possible by her brother and sister-in-law, the Rev. Tim and Rae Fangmeier of Davidson, NC.

Award Criteria: This scholarship will be awarded to full-time undergraduate students based on financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid with preference given to female students majoring in Social Work. The student recipients should demonstrate a commitment to advocate for social justice, faith, community-building, human diversity and dignity. It may be renewed for up to five years if the recipient remains in good academic standing within the Social Work major.


The Hobbs-Burkee Computer Science Scholarship Fund

Benefactors: Christine (Burkee) ’71 and Richard Hobbs

Description: Through this scholarship fund, Richard and Christine (Burkee) ’71 Hobbs seek to honor three generations of family members who have experienced the transformational power of a Carthage education. As the College celebrates 150 Years of Carthage Women, it is particularly fitting to honor the contributions of Christine, who became a Trustee of the College in 2016.

The Hobbs and Burkee relationship with Carthage began with Christine’s father, Wallace Burkee, who served Kenosha as a member of the City Council, as an alderman, and finally as mayor from 1967-1976. Mr. Burkee was instrumental in Carthage’s relocation from Carthage, Illinois to Kenosha, and he was enormously proud of the College and its role in the community.

It is no surprise, then, that Mayor Burkee’s daughter Christine—the first in her family to attend a four-year college—attended Carthage to pursue her passion as an artist and art teacher. Finishing her studies in three years, Christine developed her independence and overcame many unforeseen challenges before graduating and pursuing a career as an K-6 art teacher in the Kenosha Public Schools.

While Christine was in school, her mother Jean decided to finish her degree at Carthage by taking evening classes. Serving as the “First Lady of Kenosha” by day and taking courses at night, Mrs. Burkee displayed tremendous perseverance to finish her studies. Christine remembers her mother setting an alarm clock at 3:00 a.m. to do her homework.

Four decades later, Richard’s and Christine’s son Michael pursued his own passion at Carthage as a computer science major, a decision that would forever change his life. Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs hope that this scholarship will support future students who also find their calling in the computer science program at Carthage.

Award Criteria: Rising sophomore, junior, or senior majoring in computer science or a related field with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and demonstrated financial need.


Dr. Dieter and Nancy Jedan Endowed Scholarship

Benefactors:  Dieter Jedan ’69

Description: Dieter ’69 and Nancy ’72 met during their undergraduate studies at Carthage College. Nancy returned to graduate school after having three children.

Award Criteria: The Dr. Dieter and Nancy Jedan Endowed Scholarship is designed to help support and to be a blessing to a mother, returning to pursue higher education on either a full or part time basis, with preference for full-time enrollment.


Beverly E. Keller ’61 Endowed Scholarship

Benefactors: Albert Van Maren ’65

Description: In honor of the 150 Years of Carthage Women celebration, Albert Van Maren ’65 seeks to recognize and preserve the longstanding impact Beverly E. Keller ’61 has had on Carthage and the students who have passed through its doors.

Wife to legendary Carthage coach Art Keller ’44, Mrs. Keller served as a “mother awar from home” for many student athletes. Alumni fondly recall her presence at every match, cheering on the foodball team with great passion.

Mrs. Keller was involved with the founding of the Kappa Chi Omega sorority, serving as its advisor for many years. Her leadership and mentorship had a prositive impact on countless young women over the years.

Mrs. Keller’s perserverance in completing her undergraduate degree is notable; she wored persistently over 16 years while also raising five daughters: Martha ’77, Laura ’76, Julia ’72, Sharon ’70, and Carol ’67.

Mrs. Keller passed away in 2020 at the age for 96. 

Award Criteria: This scholarship shall be awarded with the following criteria:


Dr. Alice Kibbe and Alice (Schleuning) Geison Endowed Scholarship

Benefactor: Ronald Geison

Description: The Dr. Alice Kibbe and Alice (Schleuning) Geison Endowed Scholarship is named for two extraordinary women. This scholarship was made possible by Ronald ’61 and Jane (Bonander) Geison ’61. Ron is Alice (Schleuning) Geison’s son.

Dr. Alice L. Kibbe (1881 – 1969), teacher and botanist, was Professor and Chair of Biology at Carthage College in Carthage, Illinois from 1920 to 1956. She is noted as a natural historian, philanthropist, and traveler, and for her role as an early female academic leader. Dr. Kibbe was head of Carthage College’s biology department from 1920-1956 and the professor and curator of the college museum from 1956-1964. She collected historical and scientific artifacts from western Illinois and all over the world. Those items are now located in the Kibbe Hancock Heritage Museum.

Dr. Kibbe’s main priority was her students. She was a favorite professor among Carthage students. Dr. Kibbe was well respected among her peers at Carthage and other institutions of higher learning. She was instrumental in helping many students stay at Carthage during challenging times and helped many with the process of applying to graduate and medical schools.

Alice (Schleuning) Geison attended Carthage from 1931-1933. She studied Biology and was a member of Beta Beta Beta and the Women’s Athletic Association. Alice’s son, Ron recalls her telling him stories about her trips with Dr. Kibbe to various locations including the Mississippi River in search of artifacts and knowledge.  Dr. Kibbe’s transportation to these destinations was in a uniquely notable car that the students descriptively and affectionately called “Beasty”. Alice was impressed with the collections of artifacts and other historical items that Dr. Kibbe acquired.  Ron also remembers his mom telling the story of how Dr. Kibbe wrote to his grandfather in an effort to keep Alice at Carthage.  Alice however was not able to stay enrolled at Carthage due to loss of financial support. Dr. Kibbe made a significant impact on Alice in her years at Carthage. Alice went on to live a fulfilling life on the family farm as a wife and mother of two sons. She was a dedicated gardener and her garden produce won many awards at the local and Illinois state fairs. She was a devoted Christian and supported the Lutheran church through about 60 years of service as an organist. Alice’s son, Ron was financially supported and influenced by Alice to attend Carthage and graduated in 1961 with a degree in chemistry. Ron’61 and Jane (Bonander) Geison ’61 were married in 1964 and have two children and three grandchildren. Alice’s other son, Sheldon is married and has two children.

Award Criteria: The funds from the Dr. Alice Kibbe and Alice (Schleuning) Geison Endowed Scholarship should be made available to STEM students that show financial need as determined by FAFSA. Students should also be in good academic standing on arrival to Carthage and may be renewed if they remain a student in good standing.


The King Family Endowed Bridge Scholarship

Benefactors: Christine King ’97

Description: Christine King, a 1997 alumna of Carthage College wishes to honor all the faculty who helped to make her Carthage education possible. In particular, Ms. King remembers the professors who made special accommodations and provided much needed encouragement during a particularly challenging period during her time at Carthage.

After graduating, Ms. King built a career in comprehensive financial planning with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. helping others to map their path to fulfilling life aspirations. Her faith in God and belief in the power of doing good for others led her to make this scholarship commitment. She hopes students who receive the King Family Endowed Bridge Scholarship will persevere through whatever extreme challenges they face, not be afraid to ask for help when it is needed, and, in turn help others when they are able.

Especially in honor of the 150 Years of Carthage Women initiative, Ms. King would like to make special mention of the female family members whose lives have been touched by cancer, including her mother, Judy King; her sister, Catherine Anderson; her sister-in-law, Heloisa King; and her nieces: Gabryella and Abygail Anderson, as well as Isabella and Analuisa King. She is also grateful for the leadership of her father, Thomas King; her brothers, John and Jason King; and her nephew, Joshua King.

Award Criteria: Provide emergency scholarship assistance for students who themselves or whose immediate family member are facing unforeseen and/or extraordinary circumstances due to cancer.


Barbara Ann Kumbier Endowed Scholarship

Benefactors: Beth (Kumbier) ’83 and Bob Barkhau ’83

Description: This scholarship is named in honor of our mother, Barbara Ann Kumbier and Carthage’s 150 Years of Educating Carthage Women campaign. This scholarship is established to benefit first-generation undergraduate female students at Carthage College. Barbara, along with her husband John F. Kumbier, were able to provide financial support to their two daughters, Beth Ann Kumbier Barkhau `83 and Amy Jo Kumbier Findlay `95, who were both first-generation students at Carthage.

Barbara Ann Kumbier, a lifelong Lutheran and long-time co-owner of Circle Incorporated, Burlington, WI, is a civic volunteer, and master gardener. Though Barbara aspired to attend college, she was unable to due to financial barriers. However, this did not prevent her from a lifelong love of learning, travel, and public service.

Barbara instilled a love of reading, exploration of science, religion, and the arts in her two daughters. She encouraged not only her girls to explore, embrace, and celebrate their gifts to the fullest and best of their abilities, she to this day encourages women of all ages to do the same. Barbara is a proud mother, aunt, grandmother, and friend to many Carthage alumni.

Award Criteria: Preference will be given to students who demonstrate a commitment to advocate for social justice, public education, faith, community building, human diversity and dignity. Students must be first-generation undergraduate students, with preference awarded to females who are pursuing a major in Education, Art or Religion. In the event there is not a recipient pursuing these majors it may be granted to a female pursuing a major within any of the humanities or social science majors.


Odelle Monte Leonard Endowed Scholarship

Benefactors: This scholarship was made possible by the generous support of the family and friends of Mrs. Odelle Leonard, including her children Matthew Leonard and Mrs. Jodell Thomas.

Description: This scholarship is named in honor and memory of Odelle Monte Leonard. Mrs. Leonard received her Bachelor’s degree from Carthage and a Master’s degree from Rockford College. She taught in the Rockford, IL and Kenosha, WI school districts for 37 years. Her altruistic and active lifestyle included service work in Tanzania and participation in the choir and bell choir at Fox Point Lutheran Church in Mequon, WI; she enjoyed quilting and traveling to over 60 countries for pleasure and mission work. While studying at Carthage College in Carthage, IL, she met her husband, the late Rev. Dr. Ralph S. Leonard ’51 and they were married for 56 years.

Award Criteria: This scholarship will be awarded to full-time undergraduate students based on financial need, as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Preference will be given to students majoring in education with an academic or extracurricular interest in music.


The Thomasina Mae Montemurrro Madrigrano Short-Term Study Aboard Scholarship

Benefactors: Gina Madrigrano Friebus ’76 and Katherine Madrigrano ’81

Description: The Thomasina Mae Montemurro Madrigrano Short Term Study Abroad Scholarship was established as part of the celebration of 150 Years of Women at Carthage. If you knew her, you would know her love of travel and the learning experiences she enjoyed throughout her life. As a parent she instilled in her children the appreciation of living in the United States, while endearing them to their Italian heritage and grandparents who came to the US for a better life.

A woman of strong faith and love of family, Thomasina enjoyed learning about various cultures of people around the world and, at the same time, she tried to teach her children about family that lived around the world.

Thomasina and her husband, Aldo, traveled throughout the US, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe during their marriage. A widow at the age of 53, she continued to travel, including a trip to Russia with friends from the Russian Orthodox Church. When her daughter, Kathy, moved to Italy, Thomasina enjoyed visiting and becoming a true friend of the city of Florence, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Because of her love of travel and education, her daughters Gina Madrigrano Friebus ’76, and Katherine M. Madrigrano ’81, have endowed this Short Term Study Abroad Scholarship.

Award Criteria: This scholarship will fund short-term study abroad experiences (e.g., J-Term Study Tour) for one or more student each academic year.  Students receiving full tuition are not eligible to receive this award.

Preference will be given to the following students as determine through an application process:


Rita Petretti Endowed Scholarship

Benefactor: Rita Petretti

Description: Ms. Petretti describes herself as an Italophile born and bred, through and through. She is an Italian-American born to immigrant parents. Her heritage was enriched when she sought her roots by living in Italy when she was in her 20s. In three years of living there, she learned the language, food, culture, music, art, and design. Over the years, she has returned to Italy frequently and considers it an amazing place to escape. Ms. Petretti resides in Kenosha. She serves as President of Petretti Realty Corporation, a family business where she works to develop, build and manage the hundreds of properties owned by the business.

Carthage has had a long business connection with the Petretti’s. When the College first came to Kenosha in the 1960s several faculty and staff were attracted to the newly built bungalows in the nearby Villa Capri Subdivision, admiring the quality of the home as well as the builder’s drive and personality. Now, decades later, both staff and students are making comfortable homes in Petretti apartments within walking distance of campus.

Award Criteria: The Rita Petretti Endowed Scholarship fund will be awarded to one or more students displaying financial need as determined by the recipients’ Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) who are pursuing education abroad. The recipients will be selected with the following priorities:


Kathryn ’49 and Charles Reynolds Endowed Scholarship

Benefactors: Charles Reynolds, in honor of his late wife Kathryn

Description: Kathryn Reynolds graduated from Carthage College, in Carthage, IL, in 1949. She studied music and education, with a focus on her primary instrument, the pipe organ. After a short career in teaching, she accepted a position as a parish worker in Toledo, OH, where she met her husband Charles.

Kathryn is one of three generations in her family to attend Carthage College including her parents and son, Brian. Several extended family members also attended the college on both the Illinois and Wisconsin campuses.

To honor his wife Kathryn, Charles hereby establishes the Kathryn and Charles Reynolds Endowed Scholarship Fund, to ensure that future generations of students have access to a Carthage education and that these students pursue lives of purpose and contribute to society. The timing of this gift is particularly appropriate as we celebrate 150 Years of Women at Carthage College.

Award Criteria: The funds made available through the establishment of this endowed fund shall create two (2) scholarships to be awarded annually in accordance with the Donors’ intent, using the following preferences:


The Alden Salstrom and Carolyn Fecht Salstrom Music Scholarship

Benefactors: Susan Salstrom ’67 and Janet Salstrom ’63

Description: This scholarship is in memory of the Rev. Alden Salstrom (’39) and Carolyn Pecht Salstrom (’38) who met as Carthage students while members of the Carthage a Cappella Choir. While attending Carthage, Alden traveled around the Midwest during the summers with a quartet publicizing the College and recruiting students. Carolyn directed an off-campus choral group. Encouraging music throughout his life, Alden was a Lutheran clergyman for over 50 years serving two congregations followed by twelve interim pastorates. In early years and later, Carolyn was a junior high school home economics teacher all the while being involved in church life including choirs.

Award Criteria: The scholarship shall be awarded to upper-class music majors who are members of the Carthage Choir.


The Jane Slezak Sturgeon and Lester Sturgeon Endowed Scholarship

Benefactors: Jane (Slezak) Sturgeon ’75 and Lester Sturgeon

Description: Jane was able to attend Carthage through the support of her parents, Mary and George Slezak and the help of three scholarships from the Esper A. Petersen Foundation, the Croatian Fraternal Union and the Carthage Honor Scholarship. It was only with this financial support that she was able to continue her education at Carthage, since her sister Cathleen (’72) was also attending Carthage. It is because of their understanding of how a higher education can be a financial strain that Les and Jane Sturgeon are endowing this scholarship.

While at Carthage, Jane sang in the Carthage A Cappella Choir, was a member of the Pi Theta Sorority, the Student Activities Board and the Tri-Beta Honor Biology Society. Jane graduated from Carthage in 1975 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Natural Sciences/Biology.

After graduation from Carthage, Jane worked at Abbott Laboratories, North Chicago, IL, for a number of years in the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Corporate Materials Management Divisions in the capacity of quality, manufacturing and procurement. After her career at Abbott, she remained at home to raise their four children (Mary, Megan, Courtney and Ryan).

Jane served on the Carthage Alumni Council as President and Vice-President. In 2001, Jane was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Service Award. She was instrumental in establishing and developing the Carthage College Alumni Scholarship; which has grown in its capacity to financially help students of Carthage alumni or their grandchildren.

Jane also has served on Carthage’s President’s Leadership Council from 2014-2017. The Sturgeon’s are members of the Carthage College Denhart Society.

Award Criteria: This scholarship shall be awarded to student(s) majoring in the Natural Sciences with demonstrated financial need, who maintain a 3.0 GPA or better, with a preference to be given to women.


James and LaRue Unglaube Endowed Scholarship

Benefactors: More than 90 individuals contributed to this fund.

Description: This scholarship is named in honor of Jim ’63 and LaRue (Rhine ’64) Unglaube. Mr. Unglaube holds a bachelor’s degree from Carthage College and a Master’s and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Iowa. Mr. Unglaube spent more than four decades serving the cause of Lutheran higher education, including more than 20 years at Carthage College where he worked in the Office of Institutional Advancement. He was instrumental in funding the most impressive decade of growth in the history of the College. He made a lasting and transformative impact on the lives of our students and the physical layout of campus.

Mrs. Unglaube graduated from Carthage with a degree in elementary education and worked in a variety of teaching and community engagement capacities before finding a career at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) where she worked for 20 years and retired as the Director of Information Technology.

Together they have two children and six grandchildren.

Mr. and Mrs. Unglaube built lives and careers of the utmost integrity, devoted to and guided by their Lutheran faith. This scholarship honors the impact they had on Carthage College and allows them to continue to support our student body.

Award Criteria: This scholarship will be awarded to a student with financial need.


Darrell R. and Karen L. Willson Endowed Scholarship

Benefactors: Darrell ’75 and Karen Willson

Description: Darrell and Karen Willson believe that business, religion, and the rule of law are foundational elements of society, and that society is enhanced by the arts, which have the power to lift up people and bring communities together in myriad ways. Furthermore, the Willsons believe in the important role that Carthage College plays in creating an educated society through the liberal arts tradition.

It is because of these beliefs that the Willsons establish the Darrell R. and Karen L. Willson Endowed Scholarship Fund, to ensure that future generations of students have access to a Carthage education, and that these students pursue lives of purpose and contribute to society.

Darrell ’75, exemplifies what it means to be a Carthage student and graduate. While pursuing a degree in criminal justice at Carthage, Darrell also worked as a police officer in Waukegan, Illinois. During his service, Darrell was injured in the line of duty and was able to complete his studies due to the commitment of his professors. After graduating from Carthage, Darrell’s career progressed through the Art Institute of Chicago and on to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. He has served as the Administrator for the National Gallery for nearly 30 years, overseeing some $400 million of facility projects during his tenure. Darrell credits his Carthage education — and notably his classes in criminal justice, business, religion, and the arts — in preparing him for this incredible career. In 2000, Darrell received the Carthage College Distinguished Alumni Award.

To honor the role that Carthage played in his life and career, and to ensure that future generations of students have access to a Carthage education, Darrell and his wife Karen establish this scholarship to support deserving Carthage College students pursuing a degree in either criminal justice or the fine arts.

Award Criteria: The funds made available through the establishment of this endowed fund shall create two (2) scholarships to be awarded annually in accordance with the Donors’ intent, using the following preferences:


Annual Scholarships


An annual scholarship is a personal way to have an immediate impact on the education of a Carthage student. The below scholarships were awarded to Carthage students for the 2020-2021 academic year. 


The Barbara Campbell Annual Scholarship

Benefactors: Barbara and Greg Campbell

Description: This scholarship is named in honor of Barbara Campbell, former first lady of Carthage College from 1987-2012. During her husband’s 25 years as Carthage President, Mrs. Campbell held her own career; first at the National Opinion Research Center in Chicago, eventually becoming NORC’s vice president for survey research and then later at Snap-on Inc. in Kenosha.

Mrs. Campbell was a positive and gracious community leader. She served on the board of the Kenosha Achievement Center, was active in civic affairs, and was an important representative of Carthage in the Kenosha and Racine communities. She was also a scholar, having earned a bachelor’s degree in education at Martin Luther College, a master’s degree from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a Ph.D. in history from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

In addition to everything she did for the College, the community, and in her career, Mrs. Campbell was also a mother to three boys. The warm familial feeling she created in her home was extended to all Carthage students, faculty, staff, and trustees.

In their retirement, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell wish to continue to support the success of a Carthage student through this scholarship

Award Criteria: This scholarship is to be awarded to a presidential scholar.


The Kate Colbert Excellence in Communication Annual Scholarship

Benefactors: Kate Colbert ’96

Description: Ms. Colbert is an entrepreneur, writer, author, educator, publisher, and corporate marketer. She created this scholarship to share her passion for the written word and the power of stories and brands, as well as to cultivate the next generation of writers, wordsmiths, storytellers, and marketers.

Award Criteria: Award to a student majoring or minoring in English, communication, creative writing, marketing, business marketing, public relations, or undecided


Cynthia Osgood Geib Scholarship

Benefactors: Cynthia Osgood Geib

Description: Always following her own path, Cynthia (Cindy) Osgood Geib, from Mundelein, Illinois, chose Carthage College over the east coast schools suggested by her mother. She came to Kenosha in the fall of 1967 to pursue a degree in education. During her time on campus, Cindy participated in the Student Education Association, a club focused on teacher preparation, and worked on the yearbook, then known as the Driftwood. Upon graduation, Cindy earned her master’s from Governor’s State University. She pursued her career as an educator in Beach Park, Illinois where she taught special ed for 16 years, became a principal, and met her future husband, Wes Geib.

 Throughout her life, Cynthia has believed in the power of education and lifelong learning. She has humbly and quietly supported others in their quest to improve their lives and the lives of their families. After retiring, she and Wes moved to Land O’Lakes, Wisconsin. She served on the board of the Land O’Lakes library for over a decade, including many years as chair. With this scholarship, Mrs. Geib hopes to inspire a current Carthage student to pursue not only a Carthage degree, but to take the love of learning forward in life after Carthage to help others.

Award Criteria:  This scholarship shall be awarded to a student with financial need.


Ruth Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Benefactors: Ruth Johnson ’84 and those who gave in her memory

Description: Registrar Emerita Ruth Johnson ’84, one of Carthage’s longest-serving employees, passed away Jan. 21. She was 82.

Hired in 1956, Ms. Longtime registrar Pearl Goeller for several years in Carthage, Illinois, and then opened Carthage’s first Kenosha office. Promoted to Registrar in 1981, she employed the service motto “Kill them with kindness” but also commanded faculty respect.

She set an example for adult learners, earning a degree in her late 40s by attending Carthage night classes while working full time. Ms. Johnson received the Carthage Flame in 2000 and retired in 2002.

Award Criteria: This fund it to be used to provide scholarships to Carthage students.


The Juanita Jones Annual Scholarship

Benefactors: Elizabeth Foster ’65

Description: This scholarship was made possible through the generosity of Mrs. Elizabeth Foster ’65. This scholarship was named in honor of late Carthage professor Dr. Juanita Jones, the first professor to inspire Mrs. Foster to pursue a degree in English.

Award Criteria: This scholarship is to be awarded to a first-generation female student from an underrepresented population with a preference for Native American.


The Sara Kivolowitz Annual Scholarship

Benefactors: Prof. Perry Kivolowitz

Description: This scholarship was made possible through the generosity of Prof. Perry Kivolowitz in honor of his lovely wife, Sara. Prof. Kivolowitz teaches Computer Science at Carthage.

Award Criteria: Preference for a female student.


The Irene Lajeaunesse Annual Scholarship

Benefactors: The late Irene Lajeaunesse and trust fund manager Charlotte Bishop

Description: This scholarship was made possible by a trust established by the late Irene Lajeaness.

Award Criteria: The intent of this scholarship is to support higher education for Catholic Students, with preference for students from St. Joseph Catholic Academy in Kenosha.


The Elizabeth (Betsy) Mitchell ’06 Scholarship

Benefactors: Daniel Ross-Jones ’06

Description: This scholarship was made possible due to a generous donation from Daniel Ross-Jones ’06. “This scholarship is named in honor of my dear friend Betsy Mitchell whose religious energies and passion have taken her to a variety of lay and professional involvement in her Christian faith tradition,” said Mr. Ross-Jones.

Award Criteria: Preference for a female student. Preference for a student with financial need.


The Marie Sarantakis ’11 Annual Scholarship

Benefactors: Marie Sarantakis ’11

Description: This scholarship was made possible due to the generosity of Marie Sarantakis ’11. Ms. Sarantakis received a Clausen Scholarship from Carthage, which made her undergraduate education and pursuit of law school possible. “I would not be where I am today but for the generosity of Carthage donors,” said Ms. Sarantakis.

Award Criteria: Preference for a female student. Preference for a student with financial need.


The Honorable Mary Wagner Annual Scholarship

Benefactors: Mike and Karen ’83 Howell and Laura Bigirindavyi

Description: Mary K. Wagner is a  judge for the Kenosha County Circuit Court in Wisconsin. Judge Wagner has devoted her life to public service — from working as a school teacher, to serving as Kenosha County clerk, in the State Assembly and now as a Wisconsin Circuit Court judge. She is an inspiration to women and girls that you can achieve your goals through hard work, dedication and passion.

Judge Wagner’s good friends created this award in her honor.

Award Criteria: This scholarship shall be awarded to student(s) with financial need.


The Terri Wruck Annual Scholarship

Benefactors: Rachel Gamarra ’13

Description: This scholarship was made possible by a generous donation from Rachel Gamarra ’13 in honor of her mentor, Terri Wruck. “Terri offered me my first paid internship at Snap-on and was inspirational and formational in my charitable career,” said Ms. Gamarra.

Terri has mentored many Carthage interns over her career with Snap-on Inc.

Award Criteria: Preference for a female student. Preference for a student with financial need.