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Life at Carthage

Carthage Cash

A new way to pay.
Manage your money for meals and other expenses 24/7.

What is Carthage Cash?

Carthage Cash is money you put on your Carthage ID card to use at on-campus eateries, in the Carthage bookstore, and at select off-campus establishments. You can manage your Carthage Cash 24/7 using your smartphone or laptop. Carthage Cash does not replace meal points (learn more about Carthage Cash and the student meal plan below). Instead, think of your Carthage ID as a reloadable debit card.

Where can I use Carthage Cash?

Carthage Cash can be used at the following locations:


  • Baja Fresh
  • Carthage Bookstore
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels
  • Lentz Do Lunch
  • Red Zone
  • Starbucks
  • Sub Connection
  • The Caf
  • World of Wings

Is Carthage Cash for residential or commuter students? 

Both! Both residential and commuter students can use Carthage Cash and the GET app.

Can faculty and staff use Carthage Cash?

Yes. Carthage Cash can be used by current Carthage students, faculty, and staff.

Why should I use Carthage Cash?

  • Easy deposits: No need to mail a check or cash, or stop by the Office of Student Financial Services. Add funds quickly, 24 hours a day, through the GET Carthage Cash app and website.
  • Deals: Vendors may choose to offer special promotions for people using Carthage Cash.
  • Fast and current: Find up-to-date Carthage Cash balances and transaction history online.
  • Tax-free on-campus food purchases: You will not pay taxes for food purchases made on campus using Carthage Cash. 

How can I add Carthage Cash?

GET logoCurrent Carthage students, staff, and faculty can add Carthage Cash through the GET Funds website with a debit or credit card, or with cash or check in the Office of Student Financial Services.

Parents: You can add Carthage Cash onto your student’s card. All you need is your student’s ID number.

Note: There is a $1 charge for digital deposits and a $20 minimum for online deposits.

GET Funds also has a mobile app for students, staff, and faculty. From your smartphone you can:

  • Add funds.
  • Request funds.
  • View balance inquiries.
  • Check transaction history.
  • Report a lost card and freeze funds. (Students will still need to contact the Office of Public Safety immediately to terminate building access for a lost or stolen card.)

Does Carthage Cash affect my meal plan?

No. Carthage Cash is separate from your meal plan. All Carthage students receive a weekly allotment of 70 meal points, to be used at on-campus eateries. Once students use up those 70 points, they can use rollover points; students receive a minimum of 450 rollover points each semester. (Learn more about Carthage student meal plans.) If a student’s regular points and rollover points are gone, a student can use Carthage Cash to purchase food on campus. A student can use Carthage Cash on non-food items on campus at any point. Food purchases made on campus with Carthage Cash are not taxed.

Do Carthage Cash funds expire?

Carthage Cash funds carry over term to term, year to year, as long as the cardholder is an active student or employee at Carthage. When a student graduates or an employee leaves the College, refunds of account balances in excess of $15 are available by visiting the Office of Student Financial Services in person or by making a written request. Failure to request a refund within one year will result in account closure with any remaining balance going to support Carthage.