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Career Services

Graduate School

To be successful in a graduate program, you will need to invest a large amount of time, energy, and finances. Career Services can help you examine your motives, interests, and abilities to help you determine if graduate school is right for you.

The following links will help you determine if graduate school is for you, select an appropriate program, and complete the admission process successfully.

Goal Setting

What are your motivations for attending graduate or professional school? Be honest with yourself. Do not go to graduate school out of fear of having no other options. Choose to continue your education because you are working toward a goal, not looking for an easy way out.

Evaluating Graduate Schools

Once you’re certain that graduate school fits into your career and life plans, you need to find out as much as possible about the program you have in mind. Early in your junior year, begin to explore schools offering the type of program you want.

Applying to Graduate Schools

Compile a list of the 15-20 graduate schools that are of most interest to you. Contact each to request a catalog, application forms, and financial aid material. Each school sets its own requirements regarding application material, admission exams, deadlines, etc. Plan ahead, because deadlines may be well in advance of the term in which you wish to begin your studies.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Carthage is committed to providing a strong foundation in the liberal arts for all students, whatever their academic major or career objective. Because of the emphasis on reading, writing and analysis, Carthage students and alumni have the ability to write and speak with precision and elegance. They have the capability to define a problem, evaluate alternative courses of actions, and shape new ideas in the context of old circumstances. Most importantly, our students and alumni have developed the skills to be lifelong learners and leaders. Our students and recent graduates can be competitive for a large number of prestigious scholarship and fellowship awards for study in the United States and abroad.