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Career Services

The Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Program

The Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Program at Carthage creates paid internship experiences for junior and senior students.

Thanks to the generosity of the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation, a total of 198 students over three years will be able to earn $12 per hour for unpaid internships (excludes student teaching, practicums, fieldwork, and field placements). Students are required to work 10 hours per week for a total of 140 hours during the semester. Additionally, students must be a junior or senior and have unmet need on a FAFSA.

How to Participate


Complete the Great Lakes Career Ready Student Application
Students interested in participating in the program in Spring 2018 must complete the online application. A resume must also be submitted to Career Services will review your application and verify financial eligibility with the Office of Student Financial Planning.


Learn more and complete the Great Lakes Career Ready Employer Interest Form
Employers interested in hiring a Carthage College student for an internship funded through the Great Lakes Career Ready program can learn more at the link above. Complete our online interest form, and a member of the Carthage Career Services staff will follow up to help you build a student internship experience.

Internship Search Process and Qualifying Internship Opportunities

  • The Career Services Office will have several opportunities for students.
  • The creation of new internship opportunities at businesses and community agencies is a major focus of this grant program.
  • If a student already has secured an unpaid internship, his or her submission will be reviewed by the Director of Employer Relations to ensure that it meets the hourly guidelines and terms of the Great Lakes Grant Agreement.
  • To participate, students must secure their internship prior to the beginning of the semester in which they intern.
  • Students must qualify as having financial need according to their FAFSA.
  • Internships may be credit-bearing or noncredit-bearing.
  • Co-ops, student teaching, practicums, field work, and internships involving political campaigns and religious ministry are not eligible for funding in this grant.


Expectations for Students

  • Complete the number of contact hours required by the program and agreed to by the placement site.
  • Exhibit professional behavior at all times and be a positive representative of both the College and placement site.
  • Complete all of the assignments, projects, and requirements as specified by the placement site and internship program.
  • Participate in four grant activities throughout the semester including orientation, professional development, and end of semester exit-interview.

Expectations for Internship Sites and Supervisors

  • Provide the student with meaningful projects/assignments that enhance their development and knowledge in connection with their academic interests and career goals.
  • Meet with the student on a regular basis for the purpose of discussing the internship content, performance, and reflection.
  • Invite students to attend meetings, when appropriate, with leaders in the organization and community.
  • Establish guidelines for the evaluation of the student’s experience and overall progress.

Career Ready Internship Staff

Alice Messenger
Grant Assistant