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Career Services

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  • Jason Pruitt

    Director of Career Development

    As Career Development Director at Carthage, Jason Pruitt assists students with career exploration and provides resources for successful career achievement.

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  • Karen Howell

    Director of Community Engagement

    As the Director of Community Engagement at Carthage, Karen Howell manages Carthage’s community engagement initiatives, which enhance student learning and support a continuum of community student engagement activities.

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  • Renee Young-Trego

    Assistant Director of Career Services

    As the Assistant Director of Career Services, Renee Young-Trego works with students and alumni as they journey toward a successful career.

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  • Debra Chomicka

    Career Counselor

    As a Career Counselor, Debra Chomicka works one-on-one with students, guiding them through the career preparation process. 

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  • Alice Messenger

    Grant Assistant

    As Grant Assistant, Alice works with students to match their studies and career ambitions with real life work experience through meaningful internships.

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  • Carolyn Serdar

    Director of Employer Relations and Internships

    As Director of Employer Relations and Internships at Carthage, Carolyn Serdar connects students with employers locally and internationally for outstanding experiential learning opportunities.

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