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Carthage and COVID-19

Travel Guidelines

On March 12, 2020, the State of Wisconsin issued a Public Health Emergency and the City of Kenosha issued a State of Emergency. Per the recommendations of the Kenosha County Division of Health, nonessential travel for all individuals is discouraged. Please find additional guidance below.

Registering All Travel

The College is asking all faculty, staff, and students to notify the College of recent or planned College-related and international travel.
Students should complete this form
Faculty and staff should complete this form
As updates can change quickly, having this information will allow us to proactively communicate with the members of our community we know have been or may be in affected areas.

Domestic Travel

  • All College-related domestic air travel has been suspended through April 30.
  • No expenditures for travel beyond April 30 should be made without vice presidential approval.
  • Employees should bring requests to their supervisors. Supervisors will bring requests to vice presidents, who will handle them case by case.
  • We have provided guidance below related to what might be considered essential travel for college operations.
  • At this time, we will not require a self-quarantine for students or employees visiting other states, but strongly encourage vigilance in monitoring for any symptoms of illness.
  • We strongly urge caution and judgment for personal domestic travel.

International Travel Information

  • All College-related international travel has been suspended through April 30.
  • No expenditures for travel beyond April 30 should be made without vice presidential approval.
  • Any student or employee who travels to a Level 2 or 3 country must self-quarantine away from campus until 14 days from your date of return, which is consistent with CDC guidelines. Then, travelers will need to be medically cleared by a doctor prior to returning to campus. Please refer to the CDC website for an updated list of level 2 or 3 countries; as of March 12, these include most of Europe, Iran, China, South Korea, and Japan.
  • We strongly recommend that you reconsider personal international travel plans.

What Defines Essential Travel?

For faculty and staff: Essential travel generally includes accompanying students on approved essential travel or when not traveling will cause harm to the operations of the College. Employees in this group seeking approval to travel should confer with their supervisors. Supervisors may recommend an employee’s travel as essential to the responsible vice president, who will make the final determination.

For students: Essential travel generally includes travel for academic credit that is necessary to meet a graduation requirement and cannot be postponed. Students seeking approval to engage in essential travel should confer with the responsible faculty member. The faculty member may recommend a student’s travel as essential to the responsible dean, and the dean may recommend to the Provost, who will make the final determination.