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Carthage and COVID-19

FAQs: Campus Services

Campus Facilities & Services

Will the Center for Faith and Spirituality continue to offer chapel services?
Yes! There will be a 15-minute chapel service starting at noon Monday-Thursday on the Center for Faith and Spirituality Instagram page, carthage_cfs. Here’s an outline of the service so you can follow along.

Is pastoral care still available?
Yes, definitely. Pastor Kara Baylor,, and Pastoral Intern Dalton Ruggieri, are both available for virtual pastoral care. Email them to make an appointment.

Will campus buildings remain open?
We are in the process of consolidating the functionality of most of our campus buildings and condensing the use of our facilities in order to be responsible during this health emergency. Sections of buildings, and in some cases, entire buildings, will be closed. Please see up-to-date information on our Campus Services: Hours and Info page