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Carthage and COVID-19

Student Employment and Internships

Student Employment and Internships

What job/internship search support is available during remote instruction?
The Aspire Center remains open. Fewer team members are on campus, but all are available virtually. You can schedule a meeting by logging into Handshake or by calling the office at (262) 551-5959. Career Specialists can conduct phone or video chat appointments.

Here are a few tools accessible 24/7 to support your search. These are all available for both students and alumni:

  • Exploring Career Paths: Focus 2 is one of Carthage’s career assessment tools, which provides information about skills, interests, and values relating to specific careers. 
  • Doing Research: Vault, provides in-depth industry guides, company rankings, and reviews for various companies and professions.
  • Networking: The Aspire Network is a community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni who wish to connect to develop positive mentoring relationships that will help students to explore career interests/options, understand available jobs/internships, learn about graduate/professional school, and build a greater sense of community. 
  • Finding Opportunities: Handshake is an excellent place to start. Your Career Specialist can help you identify additional tools and strategies.
  • Prepping for Interviews: Big Interview provides access to interactive interview preparation tools that will sharpen your skills.

I was working on my job/internship search, and it doesn’t seem like anyone will be hiring. Should I really keep searching?
Yes, you should continue to research and apply for opportunities. Given the implications of COVID-19 on the labor market, some employers are very likely to be slower to arrange interviews or make offers to candidates, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t still want to hire. At the same time, some companies may be seeking temporary employees to respond to higher demands from consumers — think about area distribution centers as one example.

Beyond applying for jobs, you can also spend time networking. Approximately 80% of jobs are secured through the hidden job market, so networking is actually one of the most powerful tools in any job or internship search. The Aspire Network and LinkedIn are both powerful tools, and your Career Specialist can help you to use these and other resources.

I’m a senior. What if I don’t have plans lined up by graduation? Will The Aspire Center still be available, or am I on my own?
The Aspire Center serves students and alumni, so you will retain full access to The Aspire Center team and resources after graduation. Please work with The Aspire Center throughout your remaining time until graduation, and after graduation if you need support.

I had a job on campus. Can I continue to report to work?
We will not have the ability to continue employment of student workers with the exception of a few essential functions. We urge students to stay in touch with their supervisors in anticipation of resuming employment next fall when we return to campus. For students interested in summer on-campus employment, please contact your supervisor and watch Handshake to identify available positions.