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Carthage and COVID-19

Messages of Support

Carthage alumni, employees, and friends offer words of encouragement and support to guide our students during these uncertain times. Send your message to Carthage students.

Jeff Hamar“I’ve met many successful people in my life. A common thread in all is overcoming challenges when they were young. A good life today is defined as happy, fulfilling, exciting and rewarding. While those outcomes are wonderful — they become much more satisfying when they are earned. What we are going through as a nation is something you will never forget. It will be etched in your mind and will be a part of your soul. Many of you will experience the challenge of remote learning, understand the fear of getting the disease, witness financial distress within your family and you will become stronger because you lived through it. You will develop skills you didn’t know you had, use this time to explore new ideas or relationships, develop an inner strength that will power you to accomplishments that you can’t even imagine. This moment can help define who you will be for the rest of your life. Most importantly, don’t worry too much. You live in the greatest country the world has ever known. This is the best time to be alive. The advances in health care, technology, energy, the environment, and all aspects of life that will occur during your soon-to-begin professional career have never happened at the rate they will. We have endured great problems in the past — the founding of the nation, the Civil War, two World Wars, a Great Depression, multiple stock market crashes, mass disease, and so many others — always to overcome and come out stronger and better. This too will pass. Before we know it life will resume like normal and we will all move on with living. Stay strong and always keep the faith. God Bless.”
— Jeff Hamar ’80, Chair of the Board of Trustees 

• • •

“You are facing a trying time in history. Our nation, our world, is experiencing something that is very difficult and unpredictable. Today, we are all adapting to a ‘new normal. And although this new normal may appear challenging, and at times scary, you are not alone. We will move forward and survive this storm together. Carthaginians are resilient, and as a community, we will lift each other up during this not so high moment. Be well and as always, take care of yourself and each other.”
— Jamin McGinnis ’06

• • •

“Someone wisely said that fear and gratitude cannot coexist in the mind/ heart. So find things you’re grateful for, and think about those things. For me, it’s family and friends, the ability to connect with them electronically, and anything beautiful, whether man-made or in nature. Be well, be safe, and know that good things can come from hard times. Blessings to each one of you.”
— Judy Steinbrecher, Friend

• • •

“As challenging and uncertain as life may be at the moment, you have made the adjustment to remote education and are still learning and growing! The Carthage experience is about more than just a beautiful campus. Be sure to treasure and nurture the relationships you have built while at Carthage. Don’t let social distancing turn into a complete social disconnect. Keep in touch with those who are part of your Carthage family!”
— Cynthia Walker ’78

• • •

Roger Moreano“We miss you. We love you. We believe in you. Nothing like a little pandemic to prepare you all for ‘adulting,’ huh? What I hope we take away from this is that you know we really are in this together. All the stuff you have heard about being a Carthaginian is really for moments like this. How do we show up for one another and support one another and prepare to meet the needs of the world? Moments like this are when we let our full light shine. We live out our core values and lift one another up in times of great challenges. I have no doubt all of you will rise to meet this challenge. But, if you need support, please ask for help. We are here for you! Sending my love and wishes that you remain safe, you continue to excel in your studies, and you let your light shine in these unprecedented times. All my best,” 
— Roger Moreano Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Equity and Inclusion

• • •

“My heart goes out to the seniors who are missing graduation this year, and to all the students who are missing the rest of the spring semester on campus. Thank you for your sacrifices for keeping everyone safe. Thank you to the faculty and staff who have undoubtedly had their routines and schedules disrupted in moving to remote operations. These kinds of experiences show us who we are, and I hope brighter days are ahead of us soon. Please stay safe!”
— Emily Gilbert ’06

• • •

“One of my most memorable moments was a blizzard in January or February 2011. There were snowdrifts taller than the first floor of Madrigrano. I lived on the second floor and remember all the foodservice being shut down, no deliveries from Kenosha, no accessible roads to go shopping, nothing. All across campus people were helping take care of each other, cooking for each other, leaving food out for others. In many areas, it didn’t matter if they were friends or not. Carthaginians were helping Carthaginians and showing our true school spirit. Hopefully in a time like this, whether halls are open for emergency situations or not, Carthaginians are still helping each other out; alumni, faculty/staff, and/or current student.”
— Adam Szalacinski ’14

• • •

Roger Moreano“At the invitation of your Carthage Vice President, Dr. Tom Kline, this soon-to-be 80-year-old dad is going to share advice from my own life experience. It’s advice that I received on more than one occasion from my long-deceased father. I’ve forgotten just about all the counsel he ever gave me, except for this one thing: “Try to see humor in every situation.”

Now I know there are some who will find fault with that advice, especially at a time like this. But when I thought my world was coming apart, I started writing down everything I heard that was funny or absurd: jokes, one liners, weird sayings. That collection has grown through the years into dozens of pages. When I get depressed, disillusioned, or bored, I go to those pages to gain a sense of perspective on my life, and on the strange quality of human existence.

As we succumb to lockdown rules in our own living rooms, I will recall the instruction signs on the walls in distant lands: In a Paris hotel elevator: Please leave your values at the front desk. And a Japanese hotel: You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid.

A Bangkok dry cleaner advises: Drop your trousers here for best results.
An ad for a Hong Kong dentist: Teeth extracted by the latest Methodists
A Rome laundry suggests: Ladies, leave your clothes here and spend the afternoon having a good time.
Take heed of this warning in an Acapulco hotel: The manager has personally passed all the water served here.
A sign in Thailand inquires: Would you like to ride on your own ass?

So wherever we are in the world, or whatever life throws at us, perhaps we can find something about which to chuckle. Humor can make the most difficult times tolerable. Humor lowers our blood pressure and raises our immune system. It increases our tolerance for one another and encourages us to take ourselves less seriously. So go ahead and forgive your enemy. It will mess up his head. Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”
— Tom Lentz ’63

• • •

“There are times in life that you will be tested. This is one of those times. Remain faithful and believe in your ability to persevere.”
— Nancy Mann ’95

• • •

“As we were sitting together this morning, we reflected on our experience as students at Carthage College, with a great sense of appreciation for the skills and direction that we both received. For that, we are eternally grateful and mindful of the direction our lives took. We can find one reason, and one reason only, for the character-building we both received, and that is from the faculty and the commitment to their students. The culture at Carthage is unique in that it embraces many values that are sometimes overlooked in our society. We will survive this crisis and hopefully learn a valued lesson. But please reassure the faculty and students that there are alums who will be faithful to the mission that has been at the pinnacle of the success of Carthage College.”
— Cress and Susannah Hart ’67

Patricia Rieman• • •

“Oh, how we miss you, students! I wish you could listen in on the endless conversations about how best to help you through these difficult times. Our hearts and minds are with you. Be well, do your best, and be not afraid to ask for help.”
— Patty Rieman, Associate Professor of Education


• • •

“I would like to offer a prayer for the students and their families. Dear Heavenly Father, we are all confused about the virus that has entered into the world. But we are not confused about Your protection. We ask you, Lord, to protect and shield us from the virus. Shield our loved ones, our families, our friends, whoever walks in our presence and even our enemies. Because in your Gospel Mark 11:24, it says ‘Whosoever ye ask in Thy name through prayer and believe it shall be given.’ In Jesus’ name, we ask and pray. Amen.”
— Marilyn Wikner ’09

• • •

“We are all in this together. I hope you hear the world cheering you on; you’ve got this! Even though it is difficult, trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty and remember when nothing is certain, anything is possible.”
— Trista Walas ’01

• • •

“Remember - you are not alone. You are surrounded by the incredible Carthage community during this time. From knowledgable alumni to supportive staff to faculty mentorship to positivity among fellow students, there are so many people that want you to succeed! Take this time for self-care and reflection to encourage your motivation as you reach toward your fullest potential. #WeAreCarthageCollege.”
— Cami Christopulos ’16

• • •Ashley Hanson

“During these difficult times know we will come through this together- you are never alone! You will come out stronger, you will come out knowing how to handle any situation that comes your way. During this time you will discover more about yourself, your family and your friends. You have a support system at Carthage that will be with you every step along the way.  YOU GOT THIS!”
— Ashley Hanson, Associate Vice President of Admissions

• • •

“To all of the current Carthage students, especially the seniors, I empathize with your current situation. It is not fair that experiences with friends, professors, mentors, coaches, and other colleagues on campus will be lost. Nor is it fair that traditional celebrations will not take place in the same way to commemorate your academic, athletic, and extracurricular accomplishments. This is reality, and my heart aches for you.

“In the same breath, I cannot over-emphasize the spectacular opportunity immediately in front of you. It may sound strange to hear this, but it is also reality. Why?

“The greatest leaders emerge during times of adversity. They seek out solutions to help improve the lives of those around them. They focus on areas where they can bring value to the world. In a time when most people see darkness, confusion, and fear, I hope that you remember three words… Be the light.”
— Josh Bergman ’15

• • •

“In times of uncertainty, it’s easy to lean into fear. A good quote by Mr. Roger’s, ‘When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers.’ You will always find people who are helping.’ One thing that is certain, our Carthage community is strong, and always will be. Look for the helpers.”
— Cammie Bergman ’14

• • •

“Most importantly, we miss you! During these past several weeks I’ve become even more aware of the impact you have on my life and the lives of those around you. I’ve been reminded that you are remarkable, creative, resilient and caring. This time will not define you, but it can refine you into an even more magnificent you. Be strong and courageous!”
— Debbie Clark, Assistant to the Campus Pastor

• • •

“Take your humanities and liberal education to your community and remember great ideas. Your community needs it now more than ever. Make a difference!”
— Olatoye Baiyewu ’95

Carolynn Friesch• • •

“’Believe you can and you’re halfway there.’ – Theodore Roosevelt. Carthaginians believe in you. We are a caring community that is with you every step of your journey.”
— Carolynn Friesch, Director of Foundations and Corporate Relations

• • •

“Today is a bleep in time that you will look back upon. It is a time to learn from and a time to reflect and think forward from. Your future actions will speak loudly. Your future goals may driver be altered. Your worth is not yet determined but your determination may define your worth. Be strong and be proud. We’re all in this together.”
— Tammy Cruz ’02

• • •

 “Dear Carthage students - Please know that the Carthage Alumni network is here to support you during these challenging times. I would encourage you to focus on your social networking with students, professors, and alumni through LinkedIn and the Aspire network.  We are all here to help each other through and we will make it through.  I would be happy to talk with any of you that need some positive messaging as I actually just helped 2 new Carthage grads find employment at my company.  The sun will shine and it will shine brighter for all of us soon.  Keep your head up, stay positive, and most of all, be healthy!”
— Tony Davidson ’00

• • •

“Let the obstacles experienced now bring a depth of character later. Keep learning. Work hard. Encourage those around you. Be a calming presence for people. Make a playlist and share it with your parents. Then explain how to get it to play.”
— Steve Scherer, Friend


• • •

“Please know that this period is just for the “meantime”. Take an intentional pause and use this time to go deeper and explore ways you can be productive by focusing on your own personal development. Reach out to friends when you need the fellowship by using technology to your advantage. Lastly, remember to give yourself grace during this time and in times of uncertainty, lean on your faith.”
— Veronica (Hunter) Moore ’05


Professor Michele Hancock• • •

“Dear Carthage Students, During times of crisis, the human spirit knows no bounds of courage, compassion, and love. So continue to be the light for yourself and others. The Carthage community is there to assist and guide you despite the physical distancing.”
— Michele Hancock, Professor of Practice in Education; Director, Accelerated Certification in Teaching

• • •

“As an alumna and parent of a Carthage freshman, it is important that students take advantage of the online/virtual opportunity with spring courses. Reach out to professors and advisors as they are your biggest support during this difficult time. Zoom has been an excellent tool to continue college learning and also to gather socially with a group of friends. I challenge you to call two friends daily just to check in with them as they may need it more than you do! Before you know it you will all be walking the beautiful Carthage campus again. Stay safe and connected and be well! #WeAreCarthageCollege.”
— Amy Savaglio-Miceli ’97, Parent ’23

• • •

“Be encouraged, embrace the change. Attend the classes online and follow all the directives that have been put in place to help stop this virus. Lots of love from Nairobi, Kenya.”
— Mary Mutua ’15

• • •

“Carthage, to me, completely encompasses community. Whether that is a Greek life organization, dorm hallway, or classroom- it truly is your family. We all know that family and love conquer all. You will get through this, we will get through this, and all be better because of it.”
— Ally Stonebraker ’14

• • •

Professor Laura Huaracha“Today sucks. This time sucks. But it will get better. We are moving towards better things together. When bad things happen you can choose to panic and may want to jump ship. But I know this ship is moving forward. I can’t imagine being in college and being asked to upend my world and go away from my friends and college world. We have to make the best of it- and if life has taught me anything- you have to be scrappy to survive. You can and you will. That’s my mantra when I’m down. Feel free to use it, or find your own. The point is — we will. We will do this. Together.”
— Laura Huaracha, Associate Professor of Communication and Digital Media

• • •

“Hang in there to all Carthage students!! This shall pass and you will get back on track with your college, family, and education again!! Keep the faith!!!!”
— Donna Cave, Friend

• • •

“As a proud Carthage alumnus, I would tell your students that nothing is stronger than the human spirit. Even though this time is very confusing the one thing you can bet on his people coming together and taking care of each other in times of crisis. Find someone to reach out to and help and that will be the true Carthage spirit.”
— Chris Czarnik ’84

• • •

“To my daughter, although your school year has been interrupted your resilience continues to shine. I’m proud of you for being responsible and continuing to stay focused on your school work despite the circumstances. May God continue watching over his children. God is bigger then this and we will prevail.”
— Lily Cisneroz, Parent ’22

• • •

David Wiers“These are unprecedented times, not just for students, but for everyone in our world. This is history in the making — don’t feel sorry for yourself about the situation. Turn lemons into lemonade and make the most of this unique opportunity! I want to share three thoughts that wise people shared with me: 1. ‘Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.’ 2. ‘God saves his toughest battles for his strongest soldiers.’ 3. ‘Winners win, they find a way.’ Keep a positive attitude and find the opportunity in everything! Carthaginians will find a way to conquer this situation and will emerge stronger and wiser.”
— David Wiers ’98, Trustee

• • •

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” - Mark Twain Your work on your degree at Carthage College leads to the day you find out why. Don’t give up, don’t give in and don’t give out now.”
— Michael Connor ’71

• • •

“My years at Carthage were amazing, and my heart breaks that you were being cheated out of some of that time. The good news is those friendships you made last a lifetime. You will spend some of your most tender moments with your former classmates. They will be at your weddings, baptisms, even parents funerals, at milestone birthdays. They may live in your neighborhood go to church with you—or live halfway around the world, and you’ll have to see them on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or whatever it is you guys like, but they will be there for you. So even though you’re missing some time know that your friendships transcends distance and pandemic .  Meet each other in Zoom for now and know the best part of Carthage isn’t over. it’s forever.”
— Trish Nikolich ’91


• • •

“When you made the decision to attend college you placed yourself in a smaller group. When you made the decision to attend Carthage you placed yourself in an even smaller group. When you decided to press on with your studies amid a global pandemic you placed yourself in a tiny group of amazing people that know things have to get done regardless of what is going on around them. You never know how strong you are until you have no other option is embodied in all of you. I’m cheering for you and I know you got this! If you feel like you don’t have it, rest if you must, but don’t quit!”
— Felicia Dalton ’15

• • •

“The Easter season reminds us the light always overcomes the darkness. We at Carthage have survived a Civil War, 2 World Wars, a Depression and many other crises.  The light has always returned, and so it will again when the current crisis passes.  This is a time to stay connected with our friends and associates at Carthage, and share with each other stories of hope and peace.  It is also a time to practice the faith tradition of Carthage which will sustain us during our time away from each other.  The sun will come out again, and the Carthage flame will burn brighter than ever.  Peace and blessings to the entire Carthage community!”
— Patrick Anderson ’85, Parent ’23, Trustee

• • •

“You are living through a pandemic, and it is affecting your education in many ways.  My hope is that you are making the best of your situation so that you can receive credit for the online work you are doing.  It is normal and healthy to be disappointed about what is going on.  Please stay safe. Your future continues to be so bright!”
— Julie Murray ’80, Parent

• • •

“We are all facing a very scary and uncertain time. Our routines and comforts have gone by the wayside. While this can be very unsettling, and cause many of us to feel anxious and depressed, I encourage you to harness this opportunity to evaluate your goals and redefine your future. Use this downtime to refine your skills, indulge in your hobbies, and relish time spent with your loved ones (even if it is remote). Although none of us would choose this situation, we all have a choice as to how we get through it. Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.”
— Marie Sarantakis ’11

  • Quick Facts

    • Carthage is named a Best Midwestern College by The Princeton Review (2020), a designation given to only 25 percent of four-year schools.

    • The Tower, Carthage’s newest residence hall, provides some of the best views on campus — if not in the Midwest! In addition to #carthageviews of the lake from seven stories up, residents enjoy suite-style living and two floors of shared campus spaces for gaming, cooking, group meetings, or quiet studying. Learn more about all housing options.

    • You’re going to need brain fuel. Grab a morning coffee and a snack and Starbucks or Einstein Bros. Bagels. Later, meet friends at “The Caf,” where the specials change daily but the staples are constant, or swing through “The Stu” for wings, a burrito, or a sub. A new option, Carthage Cash, even covers some off-campus meals.

    • More than 90% of Carthage alumni report that they have secured a job or are continuing their studies six months after graduation. Visit Career Services.

    • 91% of employers say critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills matter more than your major when it comes to career success. Learn more about how the liberal arts prepare you for a successful career.

    • Lots of schools wear the four-year label. Carthage stands behind it. More than 90% of Carthage graduates earn their degrees in four years. Learn more

    • Oscars. Emmys. Tonys. Golden Globes. The playwrights we’ve brought in have them. Each year, the Carthage Theatre Department commissions an original script by a renowned playwright for its New Play Initiative. Carthage students then work with the writer to stage it. 

    • Carthage has ranked as a top Fulbright producer for four of the past five years. Read about Carthage Fulbright winners.

    • Things look new at Carthage because they are. Our science center, student union, athletic and recreation center, and numerous residence halls have all been constructed or newly renovated in the last 15 years.

    • Carthage offers majors, minors and concentrations in more than 50 areas of study, from archaeology to neuroscience, nursing to music theatre.

    • Our Summer Undergraduate Research Experience offers select students a research budget, one-on-one mentoring with a professor, and 10 weeks of analyzing, deciphering — and getting paid.

    • So the lake is kind of a focal point, but there’s a lot more to love about our campus — like the fact that our more than 80-acre campus is also an arboretum and wildlife sanctuary. Focused on keeping campus lush forever, we plant between 50 and 75 new trees every year from a variety of species.

    • Carthage was founded in 1847. That’s more than 170 years of leaders, makers, and go-getters going out and going forth. Read more about Carthage’s rich history.

    • More than 90 percent of students receive financial aid. Carthage awards more than $20 million in scholarship and grant assistance. That includes $5.5 million in competitive scholarships in business, mathematics, science, languages, the fine arts, leadership, and overall academic strength. Learn what’s available.

    • Abraham Lincoln was an early Trustee of the College, and U.S. Secretary of State John Hay was a Carthage alum. The two still have a proud place on our campus. Spend some time with them in our Sesquicentennial Plaza. On warm days you’ll find professors leading their classes here.

    • Come to Carthage; hear yourself think — think … think …
      Legend has it that Sesquicentennial Plaza holds a perfect echo. Just stand with both your feet on the “1847,” face Straz, and start talking. “You’re the only one who can hear you, but you’ll be crystal clear,” promises English and theatre alumna Mikaley Osley.

    • Our Great Lake provides Carthage students with some amazing views. Think classes on the beach, lake views from the lab, and sunrises from your dorm room. “I love waking up in the morning with the sun shining off the lake. Nothing compares to the view in the morning,” recalls biology and neuroscience major Ann O’Leary.

    • Carthage awards up to 35 Presidential Scholarships each year, which range from $20,000 up to full tuition. Learn more.

    • For a full decade, NASA has selected Carthage students to conduct research aboard its zero-gravity aircraft. Lately, the stakes have risen. A team of underclassmen is grinding to prepare a tiny but powerful Earth-imaging satellite for launch to the International Space Station. Learn more about the space sciences at Carthage

    • Carthage is the only college or university in the Midwest where every freshman takes a full-year sequence of foundational texts of the Western intellectual tradition. Learn about the Carthage core.

    • With a student-faculty ratio of 12:1, your professors will know who you are. They will also know who you want to be — and how to get you there. Meet our faculty.

    • There are more than 130 student organizations on campus, from Amnesty International to Fencing to Frisbee, Chem Club to Stand Up Comedy. See how easy it is to get involved.

    • True story: There are more than 27 art galleries, a dozen museums, and nine theatres within 25 miles of Carthage. Some highlights: The nationally recognized Racine Art Museum, the world-renowned Art Institute of Chicago, and the Milwaukee Art Museum. Learn more about our location.

    • What’s better than one professor? Two professors. What’s better than two professors? Two professors from totally different fields teaching a single class. There’s debate. Discussion. Differing perspectives. This is where the magic happens. That’s why every student takes a Carthage Symposium.

    • You can’t hide here — not with only 17 other students in the classroom with you. That’s going to be rough some mornings. But later, when you’re able to argue your point of view thoughtfully, express your opinions succinctly, and meet challenges head-on, without fear … Yep, you’ll thank us.

    • Carthage is ranked No. 3 in the country for student participation in short-term study abroad. Every J-Term, hundreds of students travel all over the world on faculty-led study tours. Imagine a month in Sweden, Rome, Cuba, Senegal, India, Japan …