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Carthage and COVID-19

Traffic Modifications

In order to ensure our campus is adhering to physical distancing guidelines, modifications to vehicular traffic patterns across campus have been made and a Capacity Management Tool has been developed to track occupancy of buildings and spaces across campus.

UPDATE Nov. 10, 2020: To accommodate students who wish to leave campus prior to residence halls closing on Tuesday, Nov. 24, we are removing the traffic barricades that restrict access to Campus Drive between Lentz Hall and the TARC on Wednesday, Nov. 18.

This will allow students access to load their vehicles closer to their residence halls. Students must limit the time vehicles are on Campus Drive for loading. In addition, as we have become accustomed to using Campus Drive as a walkway for social distancing, please be mindful of pedestrians and adhere to the 15 mph speed limit.

On Wednesday, Jan. 13, traffic barricades will be back in place and access to Campus Drive will again be restricted.

Capacity Management Tool

To provide the campus community with more ways to practice social distancing, Library and Information Services has launched a new capacity management tool. The online tool will let Carthage community members know how busy various locations on campus are based on WiFi data.

Use the Carthage capacity management tool

Locations monitored by the new tool include the Campbell Student Union, the A. F. Siebert Chapel, the Semler Health and Fitness Center, Hedberg Library, The Tower Terrace, and The Caf.

Modifications to Traffic Patterns

  •  Campus Drive is closed to vehicular traffic between Lentz Hall and the TARC. Only emergency and authorized vehicles will be able to use Campus Drive. Scroll down to see visual examples of these changes. 
  • Traffic barriers have been placed at the north end of Campus Drive just beyond the Lentz Hall parking lot, at the south end of Campus Drive just beyond the Todd Wehr Center, and again at the top of the South Upper parking lot.
  • Vehicles can still enter and exit campus at all entrances.
  • Both ends of Campus Drive remain open to two-way traffic.
  • All parking lots remain open and accessible, including the Lentz Hall Lot and the 15-minute lot between the Campbell Student Union and The Tower.
  • The Tarble Hall Lot remains open for authorized vehicles.
  • The South Lower Lot will continue to offer an entrance and exit. (Note: This lot is still right turn only onto Alford Park Drive).
  • The Carthage shuttle stop, outside the Todd Wehr Center, will remain in its current location.
  • The stop for the Kenosha Transit buses and Wisconsin Coach Lines will be moved to the South Lower Lot.
  • Two 15-minute parking spaces have been added in the South Upper parking lot for students who live in Tarble and Denhart halls to drop off and pick up their belongings.

Please note: During student arrival and move-in, Campus Drive will be open to one-way, southbound traffic one hour prior to the start of arrival and one hour after arrival ends.


Traffic barriers will be placed at the north end (just south of Lentz Hall parking lot).

Traffic barriers will be placed at the South End (just north of Todd Wehr Center).

The South Lower parking lot will continue to offer an entrance and exit. The stop for the Kenosha...