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Carthage and COVID-19

Student Involvement

We will practice physical distancing guidelines as much as possible. Student Involvement staff will be available to support you as you engage in the Carthage community and participate in activities whenever possible.

Whether you are a new student looking to get connected to clubs and organizations or an organization leader seeking guidance on offering virtual programs, we are here to help!

Questions or concerns? Contact us at

Gatherings and Meetings

All students, faculty, and staff are asked to limit in-person gatherings and host virtual meetings whenever possible. If an in-person meeting is desired, the event must receive specific approval and must be limited to no more than 50 individuals.

The guidelines below should also be observed:

  • Student organizations wishing to host an in-person gathering must complete the Event Registration process on The Harbor, which will be reviewed by the Office of Student Involvement and the Campus Events and Conferences department. Students must be prepared to submit a plan for in-person events which clearly outlines what safety and hygiene precautions will be taken, how physical distance will be maintained, and how attendance will be monitored.
  • In-person events should be limited to the Carthage community only. No external guests will be permitted.
  • Food and beverages should not be shared. Organizations wishing to offer food and beverages should work with Sodexo to offer pre-packaged options whenever possible.
  • Physical distancing should be exercised.
  • Face coverings are required in all indoor spaces and common areas.

Resources for Virtual Meetings 

Many of you became Zoom or Google Meet experts during our virtual instruction period. While we ask you to continue hosting meetings and gatherings as much as possible, the information below may help you make the most of your virtual experience.

  • Consider using the Breakout Room feature on Zoom to allow for small group discussions or collaboration during a large group meeting.
  • Show your organization spirit! Create custom backgrounds for your members to use during virtual gatherings.
  • When appropriate, record your meetings and share with organization members who aren’t able to attend.
  • Register your virtual meetings and events through The Harbor and The Bridge to be sure that information, including how to log in, reaches as many students as possible.

Member Participation and Engagement

As many activities remain virtual, keeping your current members engaged and recruiting new members to join your group can feel like a challenge. Use this time to update your organization’s virtual presence. Ensure that when, where, and how to participate in upcoming events and activities are clearly outlined on your organization’s social media platforms, as well as on your organization page on The Harbor.

Did you know that The Harbor has many promotional features? On your organization-specific page you can…

  • Link your organization’s social media accounts. This is a great way for interested students to find all your organization’s information in one place.
  • Create photo albums and upload videos. Share photos from past events or upload the recording of your most recent virtual gathering to be shared with others.
  • Send messages to group members and event attendees. Make sure all current members stay up to date and connected! Reach out to event attendees who may want to join your group or stay on your email list for information about other upcoming opportunities.
  • Create forms to collect information from members. Some organizations have used forms to collect meeting time preferences, t-shirt sizes, or as a way to receive letters of intent or applications for executive positions. Student Involvement recommends using Harbor forms over Google forms because data collected through The Harbor is connected with the organization, not the individual who created the form. If you have a change in leadership, data is easily accessed by new officers without the need to transfer information from an individual Google account.