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Center for Children’s Literature


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“Rapunzel” by Sarah Gibb

Sarah Gibb presents an elegant vision of a pleasantly traditional retelling based on the Brothers Grimm.At a time when fractured fairy tales are common place …  Read more

“Storyteller” by Patricia Reilly Giff

Storyteller is the account of two girls, both facing major changes in their lives, but living in two very different periods of history.…  Read more

“Jazz Fly 2 The Jungle Pachanga” by Matthew Gollub

Sharp edged, brightly colored and highly patterned 2-d art shows the main characters (sloth, spider monkey, and Macaw) and a large number of incidental characters. …  Read more

In his second book featuring amateur teen detective Horatio Wilkes, Alan Gratz has once again created an enthralling, multi-layered mystery paralleling a Shakespearian play – …  Read more

Don’t be fooled by the cover and the title of Victoria Griffith’s book, “The Fabulous Flying Machines of Alberto Santos-Dumont”.  This is not your ordinary biography! …  Read more

Lizbeth Zwerger’s colorful drawings take the reader back in time with a misty sense of long ago. Soon to be abandoned (or worse) by their owners, a donkey, dog, cat and rooster set off together  …  Read more

This engaging compilation of information about thirteen different animals is sure to engage child readers or indeed pre-readers who will simply enjoy the pictures …  Read more

This book allows children to expand their vocabulary when first starting to read on their own, but wouldn’t overwhelm them with too many difficult words …  Read more

The author presents facts about Asiatic black bears in an imaginative two-part format on each double spread. First, there is a question …  Read more

Beautifully illustrated, My Grandma, Mi Abuelita is a simple story told through pictures with straightforward, bilingual vocabulary words accentuating each page. A young boy and …  Read more






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