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Few children will know of the work of artist Isamu Noguchi which is the reason for sharing this fine partial biography.  An introductory page of back story precedes Hale’s lyrical account …  Read more

Given many children’s intense interest in dinosaurs, this is bound to be a success.  The quasi-cartoon style illustrations are spread across double page openings which are full of engaging visual details …  Read more

In our world, understatement is becoming a lost art, and elegance a disappearing quality. This book has both …  Read more

Coming of age at a time of cultural upheaval, Hazel is the story of a teenage girl trying to understand her place in the world … Read more

A pair of books from a publisher I didn’t know about, indicates a very impressive commitment to doing high quality children’s books … Read more

“Crows & Cards” by Joseph Helgerson

A humorous piece of historical fiction, Crows & Cards provides an entertaining look at gambling and other amusements just before the Civil War on the …  Read more

Although werewolves and talking snow leopards number among the species in this well-crafted first novel, fantasy is only one- lesser- strand in the lush tapestry. …  Read more

Following on the success of his earlier, How Rocket Learned to Read! (Random House, …  Read more

This book about whales would be best suited for middle school children on up to adults because there is a lot of content involved. This …  Read more

Even for those readers with little or no connection to the Bible, this picture book deserves attention because of the sumptuous art by Balit. It …  Read more

The jacket art, done in photographic collage, a techniques used throughout this book, forces viewers to wonder: who is this child; why is he standing …  Read more

Living with her single house keeper mother, Turtle has always been mistreated by the children in the house, and she realizes that real life does not promise a happy ending  …  Read more

Delving into the critical relationships between fathers and sons with thoughtfulness and caring, Tracktown Summer chronicles 11-year-old Jake’s summer in a rented lake cottage with …  Read more

Two girls, cousins, orphaned after their parents die in a train accident, move in with their rich uncle on his mysterious, solitary island off the …  Read more

The second World War was difficult for everyone, not only the soldiers and civilians in the midst of battle, but also American families at home …  Read more

This book is appropriate for older elementary school children who want to learn all about reptiles.  The book starts off with a few pages introducing reptiles from the past and the present …  Read more

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