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Explore classics.
It’s your passport to more than 3,000 years of insight.

Majors and Minors Offered

Classical Studies
Classical Archaeology
Classical Foundations

Classical Studies


Classics Scholarship: 
Compete for $5,000 per year renewable scholarship funds for Classics studies.

In a rapidly changing world, classics teaches you how to solve problems, think critically, speak and write clearly, and correlate seemingly unrelated ideas — skills always in demand.

Because classics teaches intellectual discipline, you will acquire the ability to handle complex situations that demand focused concentration and a keen intellect. It should come as no surprise, then, that graduate and professional schools in law, medicine, and business enthusiastically welcome students with training in classical studies.

Our courses in language (Latin and Greek), literature, history, religion, mythology, art, architecture, and archaeology explore Greece, Rome, Egypt, the Near East, and Europe, from the beginnings of civilization to Mesopotamia to the modern world. No matter what your interest, you’ll find a course in classics that’s sure to challenge, inform, and maybe even entertain you!

Classics provides a range of educational experiences, and develops a broad set of skills. Carthage is one of the few small liberal arts colleges that can offer top-tier programs in both Classics and Classical Archaeology, with nationally recognized faculty.

Faculty in the department cover Greece, Rome, Egypt, the Ancient Near East, and Europe, from the beginnings of the civilizations in the Ancient Near East to the High Middle Ages. We even reach into the Renaissance, into contemporary literature and theory, into reception, translation, and comparative literature. 

Although deeply rooted in the study of the past, the Classics Department embraces the challenges of today’s world, and provides students not only with the critical skills that come from the study of language, history, and material culture, but also with the perspective that can only come from engagement with different cultures and traditions.

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“My education in the classics at Carthage awoke in me a sense of adventure and thirst for learning. I learned both the theoretical and practical application of my education as I took the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, participated in internships, and was a part of the SURE program.”
— Timothy Knoepke ’14


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