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Marketing and Communications


Carthage uses Merit Pages to spread the word on the amazing work Carthage students do both in and outside of the classroom. Merit uses a combination of social-based achievements and news releases to students’ hometowns. 

Merit allows students to show off their academic achievements and activities via an online profile at Merit that they can use for jobs, internships, and references after graduation. In addition, students can share these accomplishments with friends and family and anyone who follows them on Facebook or Twitter.


How you can help

We can only recognize students for their accomplishments if we know about them. Here are some of the things you should let us know if a student does:

  • Presents at a conference
  • Studies abroad
  • Conducts research
  • Becomes a resident assistant
  • Performs in a play or concert
  • Lands an internship
  • Earns a scholarship
  • Performs community service
  • Accomplishes something within a student organization
  • Participates in a sport

Plus anything you may think is worthy. The more we can recognize the great work students have already accomplished, the more they’re going to want continue doing great things.