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Website Redesign 2021

Coming in January 2022: A new!
Carthage has embarked on an exciting project to redesign the website in 2021. After 6+ years with our current design, it’s time to give the Carthage website a fresh new look.

This is an important project for Carthage, and we will keep our community updated as the redesign work progresses. Please read the FAQs below to learn more. Reach out with questions, and watch for ways you can contribute your ideas and feedback.

Why is Carthage redesigning its website?

The current website launched in 2014 — back when many of our current and prospective students were still in middle school. There have been many advances in website design and technologies since then, as well as many changes here at Carthage.

The website is the most important recruitment and communication tool we have. Our website needs to clearly communicate all that Carthage offers today. That includes new areas of study, such as data science and social justice; new programs for graduate and transfer students; and new campus-wide initiatives like The Aspire Program, the School of Business and Economics, and the College’s important work in equity and inclusion.

Our current website design is inflexible, making it difficult to give these exciting new programs the engaging web presence they deserve.

In addition, we need to make sure people can use our website easily, so we’ll be making critical improvements in the site’s navigation, accessibility, and functionality across mobile devices. After all, the website should be as beautiful and welcoming as our campus.

What are the project’s goals?

Our primary goals for the redesign are to:

  • Provide our audiences with a compelling, engaging, and user-friendly online experience that showcases Carthage’s distinct offerings; bolsters the College’s identity; enlivens and strengthens our messaging; and supports goals in recruitment, retention, engagement, and fundraising.
  • Improve our website navigation (menus), accessibility, and functionality across mobile devices by making necessary improvements in the site’s architecture and streamlining our website menus.

What parts of the website are included in this project?

This redesign will impact all webpages within the domain. Some parts of our website will receive a complete overhaul — new design, new images, and new content. Other parts of our site will receive a new look, but the content won’t change much, at least for now. 

Included in this project:

  • The main homepage
  • Major landing pages such as About Carthage, Admissions, Academics, and Student Life
  • Academic pages for majors, minors, and areas of study
  • Office websites
  • The Bridge
  • Our website’s navigation — we will be streamlining the main menu and all other site menus to improve mobile functionality, accessibility, and the user experience. 

Not included in this project:

  • My.Carthage
  • Schoology
  • LibGuides
  • Workday
  • The Harbor

The Carthage Athletics website will also get a new look this winter, but the Athletics website redesign will be completed by Sidearm Sports and is not part of the redesign. The new Athletics website is expected to go live in December.

Who is leading the redesign project?

This project is being led by the Office of Marketing and Communications at Carthage. The Carthage staff members overseeing this project are Elizabeth Young, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications; Samantha Ornig, Digital Communications Specialist; and Steve Kirk, Web Developer. 

Multiple other people on the Mar-Comm team are also playing a role, as well as several members of the Admissions team and the student, faculty and staff members of our Website Redesign Advisory Committee.
See the full Carthage redesign team

Carthage has partnered with the award-winning web design and development agency idfive for this complex project. idfive is recognized for its research-based approach to developing websites that aren’t just beautifully designed, but that also deliver results by using design elements to guide users to desired next steps. We’ve been very familiar with idfive’s work for almost a decade now. The “id” in “idfive” stands for “informed design.” They work primarily with higher education, nonprofits, healthcare, advocacy, arts and culture, and development fundraising
Read more about idfive
Read more about idfive’s commitment to equity and inclusion

Are faculty, staff, and students involved?

Yes, we are involving the Carthage community in many ways for this project.

  • Research and discovery — The first phase of our redesign work was research and discovery. In December 2020 and January 2021, idfive and the Office of Marketing and Communications conducted interviews and focus groups with more than 65 Carthage faculty, staff, students, parents, and alumni in December. In addition, a survey was sent to all Carthage students, faculty, and staff.
  • Advisory role — A Website Redesign Advisory Committee of students, faculty, and staff will provide input at key points in the project, including when it’s time to review the new site’s navigation, homepage concept, and user testing.
  • Sub-site planning — The “owners” of a section of our website (for example, a department chair for a specific major/minor webpage) will be involved once we begin to build out each new site in the new design.
  • Community feedback — We will continue to involve Carthaginians in the redesign work, inviting select members of our community to participate in user testing at several points in the project. 

When will the new website launch?

January 2022! While we had originally planned to launch the new website in late fall 2021, we have decided to wait until January Term, so we are not disrupting Carthage students, faculty, and staff right as everyone heads into Finals Week and the end of the fall semester. Watch The Bridge in January for details on when the new site to go live.

I oversee a department/office. Will I participate in the redesign of my website?

In most cases, yes. If significant changes will be made to a website, we will work closely with the head or chair of that department or office as we plan those changes. As with our current website design, we will be following templates throughout the website to ensure a cohesive look, easy navigation, and usability. 

Due to our project timeline, we will be taking a phased approach to updating content and imagery. Some parts of our website will not change very much at first. They will have a new design, but their content and menu structure will stay the same for now. In those cases, we will need very little from the heads/chairs until their site receives a more substantial overhaul.

If you oversee a Carthage office or department/program, you can schedule a 50-minute meeting with the Carthage web team to review your website in November or December. You will meet with Elizabeth Young or Samantha Ornig, and see how your site will look in the new design, as well as work with us to update any content or fix navigation issues. Schedule your meeting now!

I am a LiveWhale user. Will we still be using LiveWhale?

LiveWhale is the content management system we use to manage all of the stories, copy, and images on webpages. We will continue to use LiveWhale to manage the content in the website. 

Will we get to see the new site before it’s live?

Yes! Join us for a Website Reveal Party on Wednesday, Oct. 27! We will offer presentations of the new website at three times that day, so choose the time that best fits your schedule:

  • 10:30-11:15 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 27
  • Noon-1 p.m Wednesday, Oct. 27
  • 4:15-5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 27

All meetings will be held in the Campbell Student Union auditorium. A recording will also be available after the meetings for anyone unable to attend.

More questions or comments?

If you have questions or comments about the website redesign, or a suggested question we should add to this FAQs page, please contact Elizabeth Young at or Samantha Ornig at