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(www): Website tips and tricks

Welcome to (www) — a hopefully helpful, handy addition to your use of the Carthage website.

(www) Why Wait or Wonder?

One Click Campus Resources

In a previous (www) column, we told you about the wonders of smart search on our website: Just type what you’re looking for into our search bar and suggestions will pop up, hopefully solving your problem before you finish spelling it.

But there’s another way to jump to online resources fast. The Bridge has a “Campus Resources” section with one-click links to things like the final exam schedule, AdAstra room scheduling, faculty forms, building hours, and a helpful one-page campus office directory.

How to get there? Go to — you’re already going there because you want to be an informed, engaged and entertained member of the Carthage community — and scroll down halfway to “Campus Resources.” And the world opens up. Happy one-clicking.

(www) We Want (your) Wisdom

Hey students! Be featured on our website

One of the best ways for prospective students to learn more about Carthage is to hear from current students about what it’s really like here: Your favorite professors, your toughest classes, advice for students considering your major.

That’s why we feature Student Voices on all of our academic department websites. Need examples? Meet Amanda Reilly or John Morton. But first: Guess which one wanted to grow up to be a space pirate.

Students who want to be featured on our website can go to and fill out our Student Voices questionnaire. We’ll let you know if we choose to publish your story online.

You may even get to star in a video like this one or this one.

Faculty members: If you have a student you’d like to see profiled on your department’s website, let us know. Send an email to Elizabeth Young, Director of Online Communications, at

(www) Wretched Web Wars

Who’s in charge of this madness?

So who does what on the Carthage website? And if you can’t find something / you hate something / you need something / you wish we had something, whom should you contact?

If it’s on (otherwise known as The Portal, Jenzabar, and eLearning) …
Start with the LIS Information Desk. The helpful folks in Library and Information Services manage and can assist you with your questions about eLearning and much more. Call 262-551-5950, text 262-709-0900, or stop by the Information Desk in the Library. You can also find answers to many questions on the Library website ( or Ask Albert (, and you can send questions or report issues directly into our Request Tracker ticketing system by emailing to

If it’s on …
That’s us! Whoo-hoo! We’re the web team in the Communications Office. We manage the main Carthage website, the Bridge, all of our academic department websites, faculty and staff profiles, Carthage social media, news stories, photo galleries, and more. We like competing over who gets the most email, so send an email to your favorite: Elizabeth Young, Tom Applegarth, or newbie Brittany Beyer. (Choose me! (No, ME: TAPPLEGARTH@CARTHAGE.EDU)

If it’s on The Bridge …
Still us. But you can always send an email directly to for all Bridge-related questions or concerns.

(www) Why Wade through the Web to keep up on social media?


Do you want to keep up with Carthage on social media, but would much prefer having all our posts in one place? Then we have the page for you! Connect with us at our Connect page, Here you can see our social media dashboard, which compiles posts from the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • The MyCarthage Instagram (this one is entirely student-run)
  • YouTube

Click the buttons at the top of the page to filter your results. Click on the red YouTube button to just see our videos. Click on Twitter to add our recent Twitter posts, and so on. Hungry for more? Check out our social media directory for every social media platform that’s related to Carthage.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with us!

P.S. On any Carthage webpage, you can scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Social Media Center.” That will take you to the Connect page as well.

Smart Search!

Unlike one of our new faculty members, we on the web team are not magicians. (Sad face). But we really, really want to be mind-readers. We try to anticipate what people will look for on the Carthage website, and then we work to make those things easy to find.

That’s why we added Smart Search to the Carthage site.

Next time you want to find something fast, just click on the little magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the website, and start typing into the Search field. Suggestions will pop up as you type. Once you see what you want, just select it, and you’ll jump right there. Some examples:

Caveat: We want to be mind readers, but we’re not — yet. So if we overlooked a common search term, let us know. Chances are someone else will want it too.

(www) Wednesday’s Wonderful Webpage

Want to see more photos like this? Then all you have to do is click here. That’s it, no hashtagging, retweeting, selfies or following involved.


You work at Carthage, so we don’t need to tell you how beautiful this place is. However, in case you ever need a reminder (or want to marvel at how great our students are at capturing a moment with a cell phone), just head over to our new and improved #carthageviews page. 

Here’s how #carthageviews works: Someone takes a photo (it doesn’t have to be a photo of the lake or campus; a Carthage view is just as much a photo of notes a student took in class as it is a lake shot taken after) and uploads that photo to social media to share with the world. If that person tags the photo #carthageviews, we’ll see it. Then we share our favorites on the #carthageviews webpage. You can even see photos from different seasons (and yes, we created one just for photos of the lake).

We know some of you may long for a day when the pound sign was the pound sign, and you think a hashtag is something that sounds like it should come with pancakes and bacon. This landing page was created with you in mind. Instead of having to finagle your way through Instagram and Twitter, you can just come here and get the same experience.

Remember, #carthageviews isn’t just for students. If you see something you want to share, go ahead and tag it #carthageviews too!

(www) Whoa. Web Weirdness.

The deal with The Bridge


The Carthage tab? It’s your door to the homepage! On The Bridge or any other Carthage page, but want to get to the homepage that that the rest of the world sees at Click the tab. And you’re there.

You’re on campus. You want to go to the Carthage website. You type in You’re suddenly at That’s not what you wanted. You sigh and try again: And bam … The Bridge. Again!?

As probably everyone who uses a computer on campus has realized by now, when you’re on campus and you want our homepage, you’re redirected to The Bridge, the homepage for the campus community.

That’s because we believe The Bridge is more relevant to you as a member of our community. It’s where we post your news, events, and photos. The external homepage has less of what you need. It includes just a handful of our news stories and events, and doesn’t change nearly as often because it’s intended for folks who are just getting to know Carthage. You’re already here.

But don’t worry. You’re not stuck on The Bridge for the next four years.

Want to get to our regular website? Just click the red Carthage College tab in the upper left corner of The Bridge or any Carthage web page. That tab will take you home. (Cue music.)

(www) Wednesday Web Wisdom

Your Calendar + Our Calendar = Perfect

Last week, we told you how to change your photo in eLearning (because no one needs to see that).

This week? How to add an event from our awesome online Carthage calendar to your own awesome Google calendar.

Already familiar with our online calendar? Skip this paragraph. Didn’t know we had an awesome online calendar? Keep reading. The awesome online Carthage calendar can be found in a bazillion ways, but here are three of the easiest: 1) Click on “Calendar” from the top navigation of the Bridge homepage. 2) Type “calendar” into the search field of any Carthage webpage and then choose the first option, “Calendar of Events”. 3) Just go to Easy peasy. Now you can search for events by day, week, or month. Or click on the categories in the left column to filter events and just see what interests you. See? Awesome.

Now that you love our calendar, start stealing from it. At the bottom of any event, you’ll see an option to “Add to my calendar.” Click on that and add to the calendar you use: Google, Yahoo, iCal or Outlook.

Happy event attending!
Just remember: If an event changes, your Google calendar event will not automatically update, so check the Carthage calendar before heading out the door.

(www) Why Web-Worry?

Change that scary eLearning photo already!

Don’t want your ID photo from three years ago popping up every time a student looks at your eLearning profile? You can update your photo yourself through MyCarthage. Just follow these steps:

1. Log into (Tip: You can always get to My Carthage from the “Tools” drop-down menu of any Carthage web page, or simply log in from

2. Click on “Personal Info” in the upper right corner next to your name.

3. Under “My Info,” click on the “Photo” tab. You should see your current photo next to the words “Replace Photo:”.

4. Click on “Choose File” under “Replace Photo:” and choose a new picture from your computer.

5. Click “Save” to see your new photo and save it as your profile picture.

Questions? Suggestions?

Questions about the website? Suggestion for a future (www) tip? Send an email to Elizabeth Young, Director of Online Communications, at