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General Academic Information


Academic Advisors

Generally, all faculty serve as academic advisors. Policy matters related to advising are the responsibility of the Sub-committee for Academic Review and Recommendation. The system of academic advising is sup­ported administratively by the Office of the Provost. Questions should be directed to the Provost at 262-551-5850.


Advisors help students improve the quality of their academic performance, as well as the scheduling of classes. Both students and advisors are encouraged to develop an open relationship to discuss the educational benefits available at Carthage, to help the student understand the decisions and choices that must be made in achieving an education, and to identify the special educational needs of the student. The advising process aids in determining the quality of the student’s academic performance, the role of the co-curricular and extracurricular activities, and the planning of long-term academic and career goals.

Upper-Class Advising Program

Seniors, juniors, and those sophomores who have declared a major are advised by a faculty member in their major.

Change in Advisor/Major

If a student changes his/her major, a new advisor in the appropriate field may be requested. The student should fill out a change in major/change in advisor request form in the Registrar’s Office or the Center for Student Success. The student, the previous advisor, and the new advisor receive official notification of the change.

Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success includes the First Year Advisors and Academic Resource Programs. Professionals help students enhance academic potential, improve interpersonal relationships, increase self-understanding and explore vocational and educational goals. The Center for Student Success is located in the Todd Wehr Center.

First Year Advisors

The Advising Center staff are full-time professionals who offer comprehensive services, provide support to all first year students and sophomores who have not declared a major. These advisors are responsible for each student’s academic advising needs and are also available for counseling in all areas of college life.

Support for Students with Learning, Psychiatric or Physical Disabilities

Support for students with special learning needs will be arranged for students who provide official documentation. Once official documentation has been provided and deemed appropriate, the Center for Student Success will notify the student’s instructors each semester the student is enrolled, at the student’s request. The instructors will be provided with a summary of the student’s disability and recommendations for accommodations. Students are also responsible for speaking with faculty to communicate their needs and to make requests in a timely manner.

Academic Resource Programs

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is staffed by trained individuals who provide assistance for any written assignments. Students may drop-in, but appointments are recommended. The Writing Center is located in the Library.

Tutoring Program

The Tutoring Program is a free program for all Carthage students. Tutors are peers who are trained and recommended by specific academic departments. Tutors are available on a schedule and by-appointment basis. Tutors offer individual and group assistance five evenings per week. Tutoring takes place in the Academic Resource Center.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction is a nationally recognized program designed to increase a student’s academic performance. Trained upper-class students attend class and facilitate discussion/review sessions. Participation in the program allows students to be more active in their learning process. A current list of courses offering Supplemental Instruction is available at the Academic Resource Center.

Career Center

The Carthage Career Center is the primary campus resource for students and alumni making career choices. In addition, the staff in the center have access to information related to internships that are available to students.  The Career Center is committed to providing resources, counseling and educational opportunities that empower students and alumni to make important career decisions, initiate action upon those decisions and take ownership for the choices made. The Career Center is located on the fourth floor of Lentz Hall.