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Community Code


1 point*
All hosts are required to register their guests. Failure to register guests is considered a violation of policy by the host. Resident students are responsible for the actions of their guests and will be held personally responsible for any and all policy violations committed by their guests. Resident students are limited to two overnight guests per resident. Overnight guests are limited to 72 hour visits at any one time. No overnight guests under the age of 7 are allowed without prior written approval from the Office of Student Life. Guests should register in the Carthage Security Office in the terrace level of Johnson Hall. Any individual who fails to produce proper identification, including unregistered guests of Carthage students, will be escorted from the campus.

* Student Conduct Point System: Students and organizations are assessed points and sanctions for violations of Carthage policies. The point system is divided into three categories, based on the degree of severity of the infraction. Read more about the Student Conduct Point System