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Community Code

Motor Vehicle Registration and Use Policies

Operating a motor vehicle on the Carthage Campus is a privilege granted by the College. Use fees apply. The College has adopted the following regulations to assure safe, courteous and orderly vehicle operation and parking. It is the responsibility of all drivers to know and follow these regulatons.

All employees and students, full and part time, are required to register their motor vehicle with the College and obtain a parking permit. This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles and motor scooters. Residential student permits are limited in number and are specific for a single lot. All permits remain the property of Carthage College and when asked, must be surrendered to the College. A parking permit becomes invalid when the registered student graduates, withdraws or changes residency status. Permits may not be sold or transferred from student to student. Pro-rated rebates will be given for permits returned to the Business Office.

Carthage College assumes no responsibility nor creates any liability, for the care and/or protection of any vehicle, or its contents, while on campus. The College assumes no responsibility for security of vehicles or their contents, while moving or parked in the areas subject to Carthage jurisdiction. All employees and students use parking facilities at their own risk. Carthage students, faculty and staff are expected to abide the Motor Vehicle Registrations and Use Policies.

Permit Types

Commuter Permits

All commuting student vehicles are required to have a sticker permit affixed to the exterior of the rear window of their vehicle in the lower left corner. Commuter student permits allow parking in designated commuter lots. They are not valid for overnight parking. “Overnight parking” is defined as starting at the time when the residence halls close to visitors (established visitation hours). Commuter permits are available without charge to part time students. All full time commuter students, defined as enrolled for twelve credit or more in any given term, must purchase a permit at the published rate.

Resident Student Permits

Resident student permits allow for parking on campus, but are restricted to specific lots, designated by the permit. Residential permits must be affixed to the exterior of the rear window of their vehicle in the lower left corner. Permits must be visible or ticketing and/or towing of the vehicle will occur.

Adult Education Permits

All Adult Education student vehicles are required to have a sticker permit affixed to the exterior of the rear window of their vehicle in the lower left corner.  Adult Education student permits allow parking in designated commuter lots, as well as Lots H, N, and E after 5 p.m.  They are not valid for overnight parking.  “Overnight parking” is defined as starting at the time when the residence halls close to visitors (established visitation hours).  Adult Education permits are available without charge to all Adult Education students.  This permit is valid for 3 academic years from the date of issuance.  It is the student’s responsibility to update vehicle information upon change of vehicle status.  Permits affixed to an improper vehicle will result in a citation issued to the owner of the permit.

Adult Education permits can be obtained by registering your vehicle on the Carthage website.  After you have registered your vehicle, Security will deliver your permit to the Adult Education administration office on the next business day.  A temporary permit may be obtained at the Carthage Security office until such time a regular permit is obtained.  Temporary permits will be valid for 24 hours.  

Temporary Permits

Temporary permits are available for guests and resident student vehicles for short term parking. A register student may register a vehicle for up to fourteen days in any academic year. Current Charges apply. Any student vehicle that will be on campus longer than fourteen days during any academic year must display a regular parking permit. Non Carthage student guests may register their vehicle for up to three days at a time, in accordance with the college’s visitation policy. The Campus Security Office is open 24/7/365; you must immediately register any vehicle you park on campus. Vehicles with an expired regular or temporary permit, or lacking any visible permit, are subject to tow without prior notice. In accordance with state law, The Kenosha Police Department may issue a city citation for trespass parking for all non-registered vehicles parked on property under the care and control of Carthage College.

Disabled Parking Permits

Unauthorized parking in a disabled parking space or bus stop, or trespass parking (uninvited parking on campus without a permit) is a violation of state statues and city/county ordinance. In addition to Carthage action, these vehicles may be subject to ticketing and/or other actions by the Kenosha Police Department. Students needing to use marked disabled parking spaces must display a valid disabled permit issued by the State Department of Transportation. Carthage does not have authority to grant valid disabled parking permits. State issued disabled permits do not grant overnight parking privileges.

1625 Sheridan Road Apartment Residents

Students who reside in the 17th Street campus apartments are considered resident students for the purpose of permit sales. Any vehicle parked at any satellite campus housing facilities must display a valid parking permit for that specific location. Vehicles may not be parked on the lawns of these facilities and local ordinances prohibit overnight street parking on 17th Street.

Parking Policies and Citation Information

Prohibited Parking Locations Including Campus Drive

Any vehicle parked on the campus grounds with any wheel off the roadways or parking lot will be ticketed and towed. The vehicle owner will also be liable for the damage to Carthage grounds and property. Student vehicles parked in faculty or staff spaces, visitor’s lots, any service drive or loading dock, restricted spaces, fire lanes or on any campus drive will be ticketed or towed without prior notice. Allowing for unloading into the residence halls, residential students may park in the designated spaces in lot A for drop off of materials for period not to exceed 15 minutes. You must keep your lights on during this unloading grace period. Student cars parked in these designated spaces without their lights on, or for more than 15 minutes, will be ticketed or towed without warning. Students may not park on either side of campus drive, in front of any academic, residence hall, or service building.  Students are also prohibited from parking in the Lentz Hall Visitors, (except for the two posted “15 minute only” spaces); Lentz Hall reserved spaces or the Lot I (TARC) Visitors lot. There is no grace period.


Faculty and staff are prohibited from parking in marked visitor spaces in all lots, including Lot I.  These spaces are reserved for visitors to the campus.

Major Violation Tickets and Towing

Students must park only in the lots designated by their permit. Parking in an unauthorized area or in a lot, for which their car is not permitted, may result in the towing of the vehicle without prior warning or notice. Should a vehicle be towed to an off campus impoundment lot, the student will be required to pay the towing firm their normal rate and storage fees. Should your vehicle be towed to a campus storage area, a major violation ticket will be issued. Major Violation tickets currently carry a $100.00 fine.

Lost or Stolen Permit

Each student is responsible for his/her vehicle while on campus regardless of who is driving. Parking fines will be assigned to the registered permit owner. If your permit is lost or stolen, please report this to the Campus Security Office.

Moving Violations and Ticket Appeals

Moving violations, such as failure to obey traffic signs, speeding, reckless driving, etc. are subject to fines ranging from $50.00 to $100.00. The speed limit throughout the campus is 15 miles per hour. The Campus Security Director will determine the fine on a case-by-case basis. Students may appeal any ticket to the Campus Security Director. Ticket appeals must be received, in written form, within 72 hours of the citation issuance. You may also appeal a ticket online at Your appeal must contain the citation number and date of its issue.

Revocation of Permits

Carthage reserves the right to revoke the parking permit and/or refuse to issue any future parking permits to individuals who exhibit a history of repeated offenses, or endanger others, or damage College property, by the careless use of a motor vehicle. Carthage also reserves the right to refuse the issuance of any parking permit to any individual who does not obtain a permit in a timely fashion. A ticket/tow history indicating that a vehicle has been parked on campus multiple times for more than one week without a permit will be sufficient to initiate disciplinary action towards the responsible vehicle user.

Parking Lot Information

Designated Resident Lots — 24-hour, daily basis

Lot P, Lot V, Lot R. Lot A resident parking by special permit only.

Designated Commuter Lots — 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday

Lot A, Lot C, Lot D, Lot H.
OVERNIGHT Parking is prohibited with a commuter permit.

Designated Commuter Lots — 5 p.m. to closing Sunday-Saturday

Lot A, Lot C, Lot D, Lot E, Lot N with a VALID Commuter Parking Permit.
OVERNIGHT Parking is prohibited with a commuter permit.

Designated Faculty/Staff Lots

Lot D, Lot E, Lot H, Lot C, Lot A, Lot N, marked spaces in Lot I.

Lentz Hall Visitors Spaces are restricted for use by business visitors and guests of the College. No student vehicles may use these spaces.