Experience authentic culinary excellence with Parkhurst Dining at Carthage College.

Carthage is proud to partner exclusively with Parkhurst Dining to elevate the dining experiences at our events, conferences, camps, and corporate retreats. With a rich history in the restaurant industry and a team of skilled chefs, Parkhurst Dining shares our commitment to culinary excellence and genuine hospitality.

Crafting Culinary Excellence
Together with Parkhurst Dining, we’re dedicated to delivering fresh, wholesome, and hand-crafted meals that reflect our passion for food. Our chefs take pride in every detail, from hand-tossed pizza dough to elegant plated meals.

Elevating Dining Experiences
Our dining experiences are thoughtfully designed to energize your guests, foster connections, and celebrate milestones during your event at Carthage. Together, we can tailor our menus to support your unique needs, goals, and priorities, ensuring flexibility and variety for every palate, including guests with specific dietary needs or allergies.

At Carthage, we’re dedicated to enhancing your event with exceptional cuisine and hospitality through our exclusive partnership with Parkhurst Dining.

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