Who can join MUN?

Anyone, regardless of major or year. MUN is not just for political science students. Topics at the conference always encompass a broad range of topics, such as environmental protections, economic reforms, and cultural issues. The most important thing for you to have is an interest in current international events.

So, what is it that members of MUN do?

We represent a country at national conferences. The club is assigned a country to represent, and members pick what committees they would like to be on. Then, we research the country and learn its position on our issues. At conferences, we then act as delegates of that country, supporting its policy and writing resolutions.

I have never participated in Model United Nations before. What will I be expected to do?

Conferences do require research and preparation time. However, you won’t have to write long papers or give formal speeches. We are not a class. We share research and often work in groups of two at conferences. Public speaking at conferences is encouraged, but no one is forced to speak in front of the committee. Most of the work at conferences is done during caucuses (pauses) in smaller groups.

How can MUN help me?

MUN can help your researching, writing, and public speaking skills. During conferences, your debate skills will be put to good use, and there are many chances to meet other college students at conferences. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

How do I join?

Contact Professor Jeffrey Roberg at jroberg@carthage.edu. Meetings are held once a week in the evening.