In order to keep emphasis on the educational aspect rather than the competitive, CCMUN’s High School Conference has changed the conference awards policy. While we will continue to give out the standard three awards per committee, CCMUN staff will no longer be selecting delegates for awards. Only the individual can gauge how much they have learned. To this end, delegates themselves, rather than CCMUN staff members, will vote on awards. Delegates are best able to evaluate their peers in all areas of the conference: speaking, caucusing, resolution and amendment writing, and working toward consensus.

We believe strongly, however, that simulations may suffer if recognition is considered a goal rather than the end result of a job well done. CCMUN remains a training conference and we aim to teach delegates how to be successful representatives in their future MUN endeavors, not to create an atmosphere of competition. Delegates should focus on preparing, to the best of their abilities, to fully represent their assigned country on the topics under discussion. In the end, CCMUN hopes that each student will walk away with a unique, participatory educational experience, learning from both their own experience and from the interactions with other delegates at the conference.