We strongly encourage delegates to speak on behalf of their country in front of the entire simulation session.

  • All delegates will be muted unless recognized by the Chair.
  • All delegates will have their cameras turned on.
  • Caucuses should be no longer than 15 minutes. This can be extended upon request and at the chair’s discretion.
  • No unmoderated caucuses for the half-hour of the conference. After that, they are at the chair’s discretion. We want to encourage students to get up and speak and answer questions (speaker’s list).
  • A working paper must have at least 25% of the committee as signatories in order to be reviewed and eventually printed by the dais.
  • We allow for a maximum of four minutes for speaking time. There are no guaranteed questions - we go solely on time. Once a delegate is done speaking, they can either yield their time to the chair or to questions.>
  • No amendments can be made to resolutions on the floor. All amendments must be made prior to voting.
  • No pre-written resolutions are permitted at the conference.
  • Students will only use pre-approved conference materials for communication. They can utilize the Chat function on Zoom to communicate with one another, and they can collaborate with each other on google documents.