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Computer Science

Student Organizations

There are more than 120 student organizations active on campus, with more being formed each year. The following organizations are popular with computer science students at Carthage.

Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club is open to all members of the Carthage community, and members meet twice a month. The club frequently hosts guest speakers, including faculty and alumni.

Carthage Microgravity, RockSat, and CubeSat Teams

Members of the Carthage Microgravity Team fly on the Weightless Wonder, NASA's zero-gravity plane, at the Johnson Space Center on July 31, 2013. From left: Kevin Lubick '13, Professor Kevin Crosby, Eli Favela '14, John Robinson '13. They were joined by NASA Astronaut Clayton Anderson (in blue). Two other Carthage team members flew the previous day.Students at Carthage have the opportunity to conduct significant research for NASA and have flown aboard NASA’s microgravity aircraft every year since 2008. The plane flies a series of rollercoaster-like dips and climbs over the Gulf of Mexico, simulating zero gravity, lunar gravity, and Martian gravity. 

Carthage computer science students are also involved in designing and building payloads for flight aboard NASA suborbital rockets, and designing and building from scratch a small CubeSatellite that will provide hyperspectral images of Earth.

The teams are popular with physics students, but computer science students play a valuable role, creating software and analyzing data. Learn more about the Space Sciences at Carthage