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Continuing Studies

Graduate Studies

Earn your master’s degree in education or the burgeoning field of business design and innovation. Explore our programs:

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

A Carthage education major works with students at the KTEC school in Kenosha, led by Carthage pro...

Through evening studies, students can earn a Master of Education (M.Ed.), add additional teaching licenses to their existing professional licenses, or complete coursework for personal enrichment.

Accelerated Certification for Teachers (ACT)

Education professor Prisca Moore works with students at KTEC.

The Accelerated Certification for Teachers (ACT) program helps those who already hold a bachelor’s degree and want to become a licensed teacher at the middle and high school level.

Master of Science in Business Design and Innovation (MSc)

Carthage offers a Master of Science degree in the thriving field of Business Design and Innovation (BDI). More targeted than an MBA program, it can be completed in 10 months.

Master of Music in Music Theatre Vocal Pedagogy (M.M.)

Carthage offers a Master of Music in Music Theatre Vocal Pedagogy.

This 10-month full-time master’s program will feature seminar courses in vocal pedagogy, application and integration courses in voice performance in music theatre style, and analysis courses that focus on repertoire and rehearsal techniques.