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Continuing Studies

English as a Second Language

Carthage is pleased to announce a new licensure program for the English as a Second Language Wisconsin educator license. This program can be completed at the graduate level leading to the #395 English as a Second Language license and your Master of Education degree, or it can be completed as a post-baccalaureate program leading to the license only.

If you currently hold one of these licenses, you are eligible to complete the post-baccalaureate program leading to the license only:

  • Early Childhood-Adolescent (grades K-12 Level 74)
  • Middle Childhood-Early Adolescent (grades 1-8 Level 72)
  • Early Adolescent-Adolescent (grades 6-12 Level 73)

Classes will be offered year round in the Carthage College Master of Education program. For more information on this program, please contact the Office of Continuing Studies at 262-551-6300.

Reading and Research in Multicultural Children’s and Young Adult Literature

EDU 5230 (Fall, Spring, Summer) 4 credits

An opportunity for graduate students to investigate the nature of children’s and young adult literature, the uses of children’s and young adult literature in school, public, and special library settings, trends in children’s and young adult literature as a part of the total body of literature and as an educational force and current research in the field.

ELL Literacy and Accommodations

EDU 5280 (Fall) 4 credits

Instruction will cover five broad areas that participants will use as they work with learners who have varying levels of language and literacy delays. The areas of focus: relevant criteria used for determining language and literacy delays in children, relationships between cognition, speech, and language, cultural and linguistic differences, instructional arrangements for diverse learning styles, and core components of effective literacy instruction. This class includes 10 hours of clinical work in an ESL classroom in addition to the coursework.

English as a Second Language Methods

EDU 5281 (Fall) 4 credits

This course introduces the student to the methods, curriculum, and current practices in the teaching of foreign language and/or English as a second language. This class includes 10 hours of clinical work in an ESL classroom in addition to the coursework.

Culturally Responsive Instruction

EDU 5282 (Fall, Spring, Summer) 4 credits

Students will examine the cultural diversity that exists locally, nationally, and globally in order to develop a positive appreciation for the contributions of other cultures. Students will gain personal contact with members of other cultures and learn effective intercultural communication skills for our diverse world.

Practicum in ESL Classrooms

EDU 5284 (Fall, Spring) 4 credits

This capstone course provides students with observation and analysis skills to apply to their own ESL teaching for this practicum experience, as well as with techniques for working with paraprofessionals in ESL/bilingual classrooms in schools. ESL components/artifacts will be added to the existing portfolio for teaching licensure.

Fundamentals of Linguistics for Teachers of Diverse Learners

EDU 5285 (Fall, Spring) 4 credits

This course will provide students with a framework to better understand the parameters of linguistics including the nature of communication; phonological components such as phonetics, phonology, morphology and syntax; sociolinguistics; and linguistic anthropology. Students will also examine the language acquisition process with regard to its application to student literacy learning outcomes with an emphasis on the unique language acquisition needs of English Language Learners.