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Continuing Studies

M.Ed.: Program of Study

After admission to the Master of Education program, an individualized program of study will be developed by the student and advisor. A Program of Study form must be completed and submitted to the graduate school.

The program consists of 38 credits of course work.

Individuals are required to enroll in courses at the 5000 level or above. No continuing education credits will be counted toward a master’s degree.

The graduate program will accept no more than 12 transfer credits earned at Carthage within the past five years prior to the filing of a program of study.

Program Planning

Application to the Master of Education Program

An application form must be completed before completing 12 credits of graduate level work at Carthage.

Acceptance to the Master of Education Program

Within 30 days of acceptance into the program, students must meet with their assigned advisor. The candidate and the advisor will work to secure a graduate committee.

Graduate Committee

The Director of the Graduate Program works with each student to select an advisor. With the assistance of the advisor, students select two additional people to serve on the graduate committee. The committee includes the student’s academic advisor, an individual from the student’s area of concentration, and an individual from the Education Department.

The Graduate Committee performs four functions: approves the student’s proposal for a capstone experience; reviews and approves the thesis or project; and participates in the defense at the conclusion of the program.

Faculty Advisors

Students are expected to take an active role in selecting their faculty advisors. We encourage students to learn about their faculty and to indicate their interest in working with specific applications. Faculty advisors maintain a close mentoring relationship with students and help them develop individualized plans based upon their unique requests. The student must request the services of the committee members in person to ensure availability.

Required Courses for All Concentrations

EDU 5060 Foundations of Education (2 credits)
EDU 5240 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research (4 credits)
EDU 5250 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research (4 credits)
EDU 5550 Master’s Degree Capstone Experience (4 credits)

Licensed Track Options

Carthage offers five track options that lead to additional licensure as well as three track options designed to help teachers enhance their skills:

  • Option One: Curriculum and Instruction
  • Option Two: Curriculum and Instruction with Reading License #316
  • Option Three: Teacher Leadership
  • Option Four: Teacher Leadership with Reading License #17
  • Option Five: Higher Education
  • Option Six: Cross-Categorical Special Education with #801 License
  • Option Seven: Education Administration (K-12) with #51 License
  • Option Eight: English as a Second Language with #395 License