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Continuing Studies

Paralegal Program

The 14-week Paralegal Program prepares adult learners for careers as paralegals, or enhances their careers by providing an understanding of legal issues and processes.

Paralegals provide attorneys professional support that smooths the function of their legal practices. Working under the direction of practicing attorneys, paralegals:

  • Interview clients
  • Prepare documents and pleadings
  • Accompany attorneys to court
  • Summarize depositions
  • Assist with legal and factual research
  • Write memoranda

The intensive program at Carthage provides coursework leading to a Paralegal Generalist Certificate of Completion. To meet the needs of busy professionals, classes meet from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Courses are taught by practicing attorneys and professionals.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a certificate of completion from the College. Students also earn professional development credits from Carthage, which may or may not  be transferable to other higher education programs or institutions.

Admission Requirements and Application

For admission into the paralegal generalist program, students must have one of the following:

  • High school diploma and three years of experience in a professional work environment. Most students enrolled in the paralegal program have completed some college credits and have experience in business or in a field requiring legal knowledge.

  • For students who have not completed college credits, or do not have work experience in a professional environment, a letter of recommendation may be accepted as evidence of their ability to succeed in this program. Your admissions counselor will advise you if a recommendation letter is necessary.

Ready to apply? You may apply online, or download an application to print out and mail in.



4 credits
This course examines a tailored survey of major areas of law, including but not limited to civil, criminal, family, probate and bankruptcy. Students receive a foundation of substantive law necessary for effective paralegal practice.


4 credits
Designed to introduce students to the general legal procedures required in and out of the courtroom, this course provides practical instruction in client contacts, document production, and legal ethics.


3 credits
Students study important legal research techniques, using current library resources including WESTLAW. As they employ various research techniques, students write and prepare a variety of legal documents and memoranda.

Student Resources and Placement Services

Campus Resources

Paralegal students have access to campus facilities including Hedberg Library, Computer Labs, the Writing Center, the Tutoring Center and Career Services. 
Learn more about the resources available to all Carthage students

Job Placement Services

Carthage provides career placement services for paralegal students. Resume writing workshops and mock interviews are available to each class. Employers frequently use the College’s placement services to fill positions in private law firms, government agencies, banking institutions, corporations, insurance companies, and real estate agencies.

Want to learn more?

Information sessions are held monthly on the Carthage campus in Kenosha. For specific building and room locations, call 262-551-6300, or contact the Office of Continuing Studies by email to