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Continuing Studies

Programs for Educators

Carthage education students work with classes at the Edward Bain School of Language and Art (EBSO...

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Through evening studies, students can earn a Master of Education (M.Ed.), add additional teaching licenses to their existing professional license, or complete course work for personal enrichment. Carthage’s M.Ed. program is 38-44 credits with specialized concentrations as well as licensed concentrations.

Accelerated Certification for Teachers and Master of Education (ACT/MED)

Are you ready to teach? Do you already have your bachelor’s degree? Carthage’s ACT/MED Program helps people who already have a bachelor’s degree become a licensed teacher at the middle and high school level in Wisconsin. Earn certification in cross-categorical special education, art, science, business, languages, history, music, theater, and more. Upon completion of the program, students earn Master of Education with a specific area of concentration.