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Continuing Studies

Scholarship Opportunities

Fund your Carthage education through scholarships designated for adult students.

Each year, Carthage awards scholarships specifically for students in the Adult Undergraduate Studies 7-week and part-time semester programs.  The scholarships range in value from $2,000 to full-tuition coverage. For more information about qualifications and the application process for each scholarship, please visit the following links:

Irène Kraemer “Starting Over” Scholarship

The Irène Kraemer “Starting Over” Scholarship is given to a current degree-seeking, female adult learner of sophomore or junior standing who has returned to college to begin a new path in her life. The student should show evidence of a life change requiring her to return to college, a strong desire or need to complete her college degree, a talent or aptitude to complete such a degree, and a passion and appreciation for learning.

Kathy Harris Scholarship

The Kathy Harris Scholarship is given to a current degree-seeking, full-time adult learner in the 7-week program who has demonstrated academic accomplishment and has financial need.  Academic accomplishment is not limited to GPA standing but can also refer to specific accomplishments within a course.