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Continuing Studies

Summer Studies

The Office of Continuing Studies at Carthage offers summer sessions to meet the needs of traditional and nontraditional students.

2020 Summer Sessions

Summer I: May 26-July 9, 2020
Summer II: July 13-Aug. 27, 2020
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Convenient Course Format

Summer courses are offered in Carthage’s 7-week accelerated format, providing flexibility for busy adults, professionals, parents, and traditional students. Classes are held on campus in the evenings, meeting for three hours one night a week for seven weeks. Courses are delivered in an innovative “hybrid” design, combining face-to-face class sessions with online learning opportunities.

*Due to the accelerated format of the summer courses, there will be homework due on the first night of class. Be sure to check Schoology and your Carthage email a week in advance of the course beginning so you do not fall behind.*

Who can take summer courses?

How to Register

Students who are already enrolled at Carthage as traditional undergraduate students may enroll in summer courses at the same time as their Fall registration time in April. Cost to traditional undergraduate students for 2020 is $595 per credit; cost for courses marked as ONLINE is $375 per credit. Questions? Contact Karly Kattenbraker, Director of Adult Undergraduate Studies, at 262-551-6233 or

Non-Carthage students, including high school students and community members, who are interested in taking summer classes should contact Bill Weir at 262-551-6640 or

2020 Summer Courses

Summer I (May 26-July 9, 2020) 

  • BIO/CDM 2650 S Photographing Nature (FAR or NLAB)(CS)
  • BUS 200T TP: Managing Arts and Nonprofit Organizations - ONLINE
  • BUS 2340 Applied Statistics for Management and Economics (MTH) - ONLINE
  • ECN 1010 Principles of Microeconomics (SOC)
  • ENG/REL 200K S: TP: Apocalyptic Imaginings (HUM or REL)(CS)
  • EXS 0240 Yoga (PE)
  • MGT 3600 Legal Environment of Business
  • MKT 3130 Marketing Principles
  • POL/SOC/WMG 3040 WB African Transitions (GH)(WI)
  • REL 1000 Understandings of Religion - ONLINE
  • REL 2300 Issues in Living and Dying (REL)
  • SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology (SOC) - ONLINE
  • SOC 3110 Deviance
  • SPN 1010 Elementary Spanish I (MLA)

Summer II (July 13-Aug. 27, 2020)

  • ACC 2020 Managerial Accounting
  • BIO/CDM 2650 S Photographing Nature (FAR or NLAB)(CS)
  • COR 1110 The Intellectual History of Western Heritage II
  • EXS 0010 Concepts of Physical Fitness
  • GFW 3010 BS Seminar in Ancient Thought: The Mahabarata (HUM)(GH)(CS)
  • MGT 3300 Operations Management
  • MKT 4220 Business to Business Marketing
  • PHY 1000 Physics for Future Presidents (NLAB)
  • SPN 1020 Elementary Spanish II (MLA)