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Continuing Studies

Majors and Minors

At Carthage, all majors provide a broad education for adult learners preparing for career advancement. Classes are taught by professors who have specific experience in their fields, bringing a real-world perspective to learning. Professors engage students in an interactive learning environment through first-hand experience, individual instruction, and group discussion.


Adult students in the classroom.


Accountants and auditors prepare, analyze, and verify financial reports and taxes, and monitor information systems that furnish these reports to managers in business, industry and government. Additionally, accountants often advise executives on best business practices.

The Carthage Accounting program includes accounting courses and practices as well as relevant business administration and economic courses. Students may take specialized elective courses to prepare for the CPA exam. Possible career paths include public accountant, tax accountant, CPA, auditor, financial analyst, and personal financial planner.

Select upper-level accounting courses meet one night per week for 14 weeks.

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice major at Carthage gives students a basic understanding of the criminal justice system as it operates within the American political system. The curriculum includes criminal justice coursework as well as specialized courses in political science and sociology to provide a unifying perspective on the criminal justice system and legal theory.

Possible career paths include law enforcement in the police or sheriff’s departments, private security and investigation, probably/parole enforcement, corrections, court services, victim services, customs enforcement and investigation, U.S. Marshall Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Immigration and Naturalization Service.

This major/minor may be completed in the 7-week format.

Prof. Cassie Lau sits among her students while leading a discussion in a business course.


The Management major offers a superb opportunity to learn general business principles and public and private sector economic systems. Course study includes management of information systems, business law, organizational management, accounting, and marketing.

Possible career paths include banking, benefits administrator, human resource personnel, marketing research, credit manager, customer service, sales, project manager, and recruiter.

This major may be completed in the 7-week format.

Marketing students present a project during a course at Carthage.


The Marketing major includes essential courses on how to plan and execute the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, and goods and services. Students also complete business and economic courses that foster not only a good knowledge of the business world, but also an understanding of human behavior.

Some career paths in marketing include marketing management, marketing research, sales, advertising, public relations and consumer affairs.

This major may be completed in the 7-week format.


All minors can be completed in the 7-week format.

  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Religion
  • Sociology