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Criminal Justice

Hear from Past Students

Past Student Voices

  • Karra Pessetti ’16

    • Majors: Criminal Justice and Sociology
    • Hometown: Algonquin, Illinois

    “Have fun while you’re here and with your major. College is a time to ask questions and explore different paths. It’s OK to lay any ideas you may have on the table.”

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  • Jordan Atwater ’17

    • Majors: Criminal Justice
    • Minors: Spanish and Psychology
    • Hometown: Havana, Illinois

    “My biggest surprise so far is that the transition from high school to college wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. The easy transition has a lot to do with small class sizes, and professors who genuinely want students to excel in life.”

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  • Wyatt Cooper ’17

    • Majors: Political Science and Criminal Justice
    • Hometown: Clinton, Illinois

    “My favorite classes at Carthage so far have been my two Western Heritage courses. They helped me adapt my writing to a college level, and I enjoyed the intellectual discussion. It was a great ‘transition into college’ course.”

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  • Lee Hollman ’17

    • Majors: Psychology, Criminal Justice
    • Hometown: Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

    “My first year at Carthage was amazing. I met a great group of friends through teams and organizations, and I can’t wait to meet more new people next year.”

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  • Brooke Kahly ‘14

    • Majors: Criminal Justice, Social Work
    • Hometown: Freeport, Ill.

    “I feel confident that I can make a change in the lives of many individuals, and I cannot wait to get out there and begin.” 

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  • Kara Omark ’14

    • Majors: Criminal Justice
    • Hometown: Palatine, Ill.

    “Once I picked criminal justice, I never looked back. It’s a field with so much to do and holds so many opportunities.” 

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  • Amy Slattery ‘13

    • Majors: Criminal Justice
    • Minors: Sociology
    • Hometown: Tinley Park, Ill.

    “There are a lot of internships and opportunities through the Criminal Justice Program.”

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