For purposes of this policy, a host is any Carthage residential student who has a guest. A guest is any student or non-student visitor of the host. Non-residential guests are required to register with Public Safety if they will be hosted after midnight. No overnight guests are allowed Sunday through Thursday, during exam quiet hour periods, break periods, or summer housing. Students can host one overnight guest Friday and Saturday, with the permission of their roommate(s). A host may have a guest for a maximum of 48 hours per week. If an agreement about a guest cannot be reached, the rights of the non-hosting roommate(s) will prevail.

Failure to register guests is considered a violation of policy by the host. Hosts are responsible for holding their guests to the standards of the Carthage Community Code and if actions of their guests violate Community Code policies, the host student will be responsible. Any guest who does not reside in the building they are visiting must be escorted by the host. No overnight guests under the age of 16 are allowed except during siblings’ weekends. Any person under 16 must have program permission form or note signed by a parent/legal guardian.

Register a guest