The College reserves the right of the Office of Student Life to take appropriate action to protect the physical health, welfare, and safety of the members of the Carthage College community. This includes the right of the College to restrict campus access of any member of the campus community for public health reasons. When actions or conditions exist that might result in bodily injury, damage to public or private property, or interference with essential operations of the College, officials reserve the right to use all reasonable power, including civil police officers, necessary to eliminate the danger and reduce the emergency. Emergency ambulatory transportation to local hospitals is available to all Carthage students.

The Office of Student Life may require a mandatory medical/psychological assessment if a student’s condition renders him/her unable to function in the College community without harming himself/herself or others and/or disrupting the educational mission of the institution. In such a situation, the College reserves the right to place students on involuntary medical leave of absence.

Students are expected to use reasonable care for themselves. A student shall take no action that threatens or endangers his or her own safety, health, or life, nor shall a student make any verbal threat of such action. This includes such behavior as suicide attempts, cutting, refusing treatment for life-threatening illnesses or conditions (e.g., eating disorders). This policy provides another mechanism for the college to guide students to various sources of assistance along with helping them understand the impact of their behavior on others.

If a student living in a residence hall is making suicidal statements or attempts suicide, as a matter of policy, the student’s family or emergency contact persons will be contacted and so informed. This contact will be made in addition to the conditions, sanctions, and agreements made with the student involved.